Wednesday, May 9, 2012

[vinyl] Paul van Dyk - Evolution LP

Artist(s): Paul van Dyk
Name: Evolution
Genre: trance
Label: Vandit 
Catalog: VAN2050V
No. of vinyls: 2
Type: dj friendly edition


A1: Symmetries (Club Mix)(feat. Austin Leeds)
A2: Verano (PvD's Full Fire Mix)(feat. Austin Leeds)B1: A Wonderful Day (Extended Version)(feat. Giuseppe Ottaviani)
B2: Dae Yor (Club Mix)(feat. Ummet Ozcan)

C1: The Ocean (Club Mix)(feat. Arty)C2: Open Your Eyes (Directors Cut Mix)(feat. Kyau & Albert)
D1: I Don't Deserve You (Extended Version)(feat. Plumb)
D2: Everywhere (Extended Version)(feat. Fieldwork)


Spanning over 50 international awards, 26 EPs and singles, 10 compilation mixes, Paul van Dyk is one of the biggest superstars of electronic music today. Besides creating soundtracks for a multitude of movies and videogames, he also created 5 albums (not to count the 2 remix ones). Now he is back with his 6th, 5 years after the previous one, the critically acclaimed In Between.
Looking all over the internet, you will find mediocre reviews associated to this. Don`t be fooled to think this is a bad piece of work. No, it is actually good, very enjoyable and dance-oriented. Don`t expect something over the top neither, it will not rock the boundaries of the genre. As far as the name goes, it is not an evolution. Actually, the overall sound reminds me of the style used in In Between (less vocals, more music). And I don`t understand why people complain that PvD did not change his style. When I pick up a PvD record I expect PvD`s style. I expect tough beats, awesome melodies and excellent rhythm. Why change that? It is classic trance, let it be that way. The album is just like that, just as expected, just what every PvD fan wanted. Maybe it could have been a bit better, who knows, but until then I`m sticking to this. And God help us when PvD will change his style. Find it as an 8-tracked vinyl (long tracks), a 15-tracked CD (obviously cropped), or a US vinyl with all tracks on 2 pieces.

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