Wednesday, September 21, 2011

[digital] Smash TV - Steroids to Heaven EP

Artist(s): Smash TV
Name: Steroids to Heaven
Genre: tech-house, deep-house, techno
Label: Get Physical
Catalog: GPM139
No. of tracks: 3
Type: unmixed


01. Steroids to Heaven
02. Made for Eachother
03. Pleasure


A new EP is out on Physical, with Smash TV being the solo presence, bringing to the game 3 original tracks. So how is the new addition to the well known label family?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

[digital] Siopis - Stinky Socks (The Remixes) EP

Artist(s): Siopis; remixes by Adam Port, Boogie Drama, Haito Goepfrich
Name: Stinky Socks (The Remixes)
Genre: tech-house, deep-house
Label: Get Physical
Catalog: GPM151
No. of tracks: 4
Type: unmixed


01. Lost Battleships (Re-Edit)
02. Lost Battleships (Adam Port Remix)
03. I Try To Fight (Feat. Alfons) (Boogie Drama Remix)
04. I Try To Fight (Feat. Alfons) (Haito Goepfrich’s Kotti Prozak Dub Mix)


New Physical hit the stores this week, a 4-track remix pack of Siopis` Stinky Socks, which came out a while ago (in April if I`m not wrong). But will this new installment make you move?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

[digital] V.A. - Somero 2011

Artist(s): Lee Burridge, Matthew Dekay, Pirupa, Gwen Maze, Tripmastaz, Arram Mantana, Emanuel Satie, Martyne And Julien Bracht, Marco Faraone And Arado, Lahib Alekozei
Name: Somero 2011
Genre: tech-house
Label: Cecille
Catalog: CECSEASON002
No. of tracks: 12 (digital), 8 (vinyl)
Type: unmixed


01. Lee Burridge And Matthew Dekay – Out Of Order
02. Pirupa – Raw Orbit
03. Gwen Maze. Jef K And G–Rom - Number 6
04. Tripmastaz And Arram Mantana – Circus Passin` By...
05. Emanuel Satie – Hans
06. Martyne And Julien Bracht – Deal For Shine
07. Marco Faraone And Arado – Get Reverse
08. Lahib Alekozei – Behind Closed Doors
09. Marco Faraone And Arado – Slow Down
10. Emanuel Satie – Over
11. Lahib Alekozei – Sweet Nothings For Jeann
12. Pirupa – In The Morning


The second Somero from Curly`s Cecille is in stores, 2 years after the first installment, and brings with it a combination of some new and some not that new names in the industry, in a double vinyl or digital format. And, as always, we can expect great music from the German label.

[digital] Aka Aka, Thalstroem, Umami - What Matters (Remixes)

Artist(s): Aka Aka, Umami, Thalstroem; remixes by Hanne & Lore, Broombeck, Philip Bader
Name: What Matters (Remixes)
Genre: techno, tech-house
Label: Burlesque Musique
Catalog:  BUR008
No. of tracks: 4
Type: unmixed


01. What Matters
02. What Matters (Hanne & Lore Remix)
03. What Matters (Broombeck Remix)
04. What Matters (Philip Bader Remix)


Aka Aka`s own label, Burlesque Musique, is always a source of good music if you like the sounds created by the German duo. As I really dig their techno, I decided to add this first EP in my collection. 4 songs, one original and 3 remixes.

Friday, September 9, 2011

[digital] Darius Syrossian - Seeking for Peace EP

Artist(s): Darius Syrossian; remixes by William Kouam Djoko, DJ Kool Dek
Name: Seeking for Peace
Genre: tech-house, deep-house
Label: Area Remote
Catalog: AREA033
No. of tracks: 4
Type: unmixed


01. Seeking for Peace (4am Mix)
02. Seeking for Peace (DJ Kool Dek Remix)
03. Seeking for Peace (Bass Not Bombs Original Mix)
04. Seeking for Peace (William Kouam Djoko`s Peace of Me Remix)


The new Area Remote release contains one track interpreted in 2 ways by its original producer, Darius Syrossian, followed by two remixes, representing a combination of tech-house and house.

[digital] Jake & Amber - This is Mine EP

Artist(s): Jake & Amber
Name: This is Mine
Genre: tech-house, techno
Label: Minus
Catalog: MINUS113
No. of tracks: 2
Type: unmixed


01. This is Mine
02. Teenpop


We have yet again a typical Minus release, a 2-track EP with one song per part, totaling a small dosage of excellent techno combined with tech-house.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

[digital] V.A. - SIS IS SIS

Artist(s): Matthew Dear, Lopazz, Audiofly, M.A.N.D.Y., Tiger Stripes, Heidi, Siopis, Raz Ohara, The Odd Orchestra; remixes by Sis
Genre: tech-house
Label: Get Physical Music
Catalog: GPMDA045
No. of tracks: 8
Type: unmixed


01. Matthew Dear - Free To Ask (SIS Edit)
02. Lopazz - Migracion (SIS Edit)
03. Audiofly - Fela (SIS Edit)
04. M.A.N.D.Y. - 4+1 (SIS Edit)
05. Audiofly & Tiger Stripes - Hundra (SIS Edit)
06. Lopazz & Heidi - Funkshovel (SIS Edit)
07. Siopis - Penny From The Lane (SIS Edit)
08. Raz Ohara & The Odd Orchestra - Kisses (SIS Edit)


Until the release day I was not aware of this new release of Germany`s Physical Music, so when I first saw it I was just shocked. Why? Because one of my favorite artists, Sis, that I had the pleasure of hearing his live sets in the club, is remixing 8 hits of one of my favorite labels (excellent combination :D). And when legendary names like M.A.N.D.Y., Lopazz and Audiofly are involved, it`s time to turn on your system, hit play and enjoy.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

[digital] UGLH - Olga EP

Artist(s): UGLH, Miss O Lee; remixes by Mobius Strum, DZeta N' Basile, Paride Saraceni & Dema, Fabiano Bion
Name: Olga
Genre: tech-house, house
Label: Half Seas Over Records
Catalog: HSO007
No. of tracks: 6
Type: unmixed


01. Olga (Original Mix)
02. Olga (Mobius Strum Remix)
03. Olga (DZeta N' Basile Remix)
04. Raw Colors (Original Mix)
05. Raw Colors (Paride Saraceni & Dema Remix)
06. Raw Colors (Fabiano Bion Remix)


I had the pleasure of hearing this record a few days before it went into the stores and, as always, I was amazed by the skill of the UnderGroundLoopHole (UGLH) duo. Their new EP contains 2 original tracks and 2 remixes for each.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

[digital] V.A. - Cadenza Lab Compilation Vol. 1

Artist(s): F600, Michel Cleis, Martina Topley Bird, Francisco Allendes, Marcelo Rosselot, Alejandro Vivanco, Luciano, Psykoloco, Laps, Dani Casarano, Scan Mode; remixes by Audio George, Mirko Loko
Name: Cadenza Lab Compilation (Volume 1)
Genre: tech-house, techno, house
Label: Cadenza Lab
Catalog: CAL005
No. of tracks: 10
Type: unmixed


01. F600 – He Say A 200 Las Empana (Audio George Mix)
02. Michel Cleis – Tribute
03. Martina Topley Bird – Baby Blue (Mirko Loko Remix)
04. Francisco Allendes & Marcelo Rosselot -Havanese
05. Alejandro Vivanco – Rise Again
06. Luciano – Man’s Friend
07. Psykoloco – Merry Blues Groove
08. Laps – No Compute
09. Dani Casarano – To Rule
10. Scan Mode – Emotional Landscape


A year passed since Luciano`s Cadenza Records created the digital sub-label Cadenza Lab, and now, with the 5th release we have the luck to listen to a 10 track compilation. And be sure to find 1 hour and a half filled with the purest techno and tech-house.

Friday, September 2, 2011

[digital] Bunte Bummler - You`re Mine EP

Artist(s): Bunte Bummler; remixes by Sasch BBC, Caspar
Name: You’re Mine
Genre: tech-house, deep-house
Label: 8Bit
Catalog: 8BIT047
No. of tracks: 4
Type: normal


01. You`re Mine (Original Mix)
02. You`re Mine (Sasch BBC & Caspar Remix)
03. Lights
04. Turn Me On


I can barely wait for the 50th release by German label 8Bit, and that`s because it`s on my top list when searching for good tech and deep house. But until the party there are 3 more EPs to go, one of which is signed by newcomer Bunte Bummler.

[digital] Negru - Brotha EP

Artist(s): Negru; remix by Boola
Name: Brotha
Genre: tech-house, house
Label: Barraca Music
Catalog: BRM013
No. of tracks: 4
Type: normal


01. Brotha (Original Mix)
02. Brotha (Boola Remix)
03. Got Yo Soul
04. Pulate


I always will remember the nights I spent in my favorite club, Studio Martin, and the artists that mixed there. Besides Livio & Roby, Negru was also included in the rooster of now defunct Mandarina9 booking agency. And it`s a pleasure for me to see that he is becoming a worldwide-recognized producer of quality music.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

[digital] Alex Costa - Allright EP

Artist(s): Alex Costa; remixes by UGLH
Name: Allright
Genre: house, tech-house
Label: Time Has Changed Records
Catalog: THCD032 
No. of tracks: 5
Type: normal


01. Allright (Original Mix)
02. Allright (UGLH`s Underground Mix)
03. Allright (UGLH`s Loophole Mix)
04. Can Fuck (Original Mix)
05. Star (Original Mix)


I was in the mood for some tech-house and found out that UGLH had made some remixes for Alex Costa`s new EP, consisting of 3 original tracks and 2 remixes.

How does Above & Beyond`s Group Therapy - Collector`s Book look like

Quite a few months back I ordered my Group Therapy - Limited Edition Collector`s Book, the breathtaking new album from the UK`s Above & Beyond. The review of the album that I received in an mp3 format you can find here. After waiting a long time, finally the album was printed and shipped, and I want to answer for others a question that was bugging me so long. How does it look like?

[digital] Arty - Kate

Artist(s): Arty
Name: Kate
Genre: trance, progressive-house
Label: Anjunabeats
Catalog: ANJ212
No. of tracks: 2
Type: normal

01. Kate (Original Mix)
02. Kate (Radio Edit)


Anjunabeats gets a new track, in the form of a 2-song EP. Sadly, no remix is available, only a radio mix thrown there just to fill the spot (who listens to radio mixes anyway). But beyond this obvious disatvantage hides such a beautiful song.