Thursday, September 1, 2011

How does Above & Beyond`s Group Therapy - Collector`s Book look like

Quite a few months back I ordered my Group Therapy - Limited Edition Collector`s Book, the breathtaking new album from the UK`s Above & Beyond. The review of the album that I received in an mp3 format you can find here. After waiting a long time, finally the album was printed and shipped, and I want to answer for others a question that was bugging me so long. How does it look like?

Let`s start with the beginning. It`s a hardcover book, with a cover like they used to do on old books (very nice quality I might add). The A&B logo is the only one present on the front.
The title, as well as the label number is imprinted on the side:
Opening it, we can see the CD on the back of the front cover, followed by the autographs of all 3 members:
The next page is dedicated to the tracklist (sadly it is not numbered but as I love this album I know all the tracks by heart):
Next comes the intro explaining why they choose the Group Therapy title:
Many ribbon images for the tracks are found throughout the 40-page book, like the one bellow:
A sample of how the songs are written with a hand-made style, and ribbon imagery. Also see that ribbons are made as page dividers:
After all the lyrics are written, a page with the group`s photo and credits are listed:
Finally, we get to the back cover, containing the bonus DVD, with videos and an exclusive 30-minute interview with the 3:
I really liked that they choose black as the base color. It really sticks with the sentimentalism and sadness of the songs, and also contrasts the lively ribbon colors very well. To sum up, a very fitting Collector`s Edition to one of the best albums of trance. If you like this, you can buy it at:


  1. Hi could you please upload more shots of the Group Therapy Collectors edition so I can write down the official lyrics. I bought it on iTunes and I don't know how the official lyrics look like. Thanks.

  2. @Manolis

    here are all the lirics:

    sadly I am not at home and will not be able to give detailed photos anytime soon but hope this helps :)

  3. I wanted to confirm that in the official booklet the lyrics from "Black Room Boy" says
    " You held your mummy's hand...." and in all sites it's "You kiss your mommy's hand...". What do you think? Second one is more likely but the sleeves said the first one. I care about the official.

  4. well I will check that but is definitely the second one in the song ... no way kiss resembles held :)

  5. Hi, did you see the lyrics? I wonder if you can upload more photos from inside the limited edition (special the songs info(composers etc.)). Thanks in advance

  6. well "kissed" is written on the booklet ... maybe a recurring error :)

  7. can you take a photo of the lyrics of "thing called love"?

    Sorry for my english :P