Wednesday, September 21, 2011

[digital] Smash TV - Steroids to Heaven EP

Artist(s): Smash TV
Name: Steroids to Heaven
Genre: tech-house, deep-house, techno
Label: Get Physical
Catalog: GPM139
No. of tracks: 3
Type: unmixed


01. Steroids to Heaven
02. Made for Eachother
03. Pleasure


A new EP is out on Physical, with Smash TV being the solo presence, bringing to the game 3 original tracks. So how is the new addition to the well known label family?

Steroids to Heaven open the EP is a straight tech track, with some synth effects that offer a more electro feel to it, making it a tad more darker and deeper. Made for Eachother is the middle track here, and I, for one, cannot find a flaw in it. It has a very catchy bass-line and you can be mislead to believe that it is pure tech-house from the first seconds of the song. But actually, the sharp keys that are heard later on (and the vocals) add a bit of deep-house flavor to it. The combination is indeed tasty, if I can call it that :)) Pleasure ends it all in an original style, with complex drums and quite a techno style, that can even be considered minimalistic. Jeff Mills fans will definitely dig this. To wrap it up, if you are looking for an EP that is not monotonous, check it out. With all different kinds of electronica flavors, this is something to look for:

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