Sunday, September 4, 2011

[digital] V.A. - Cadenza Lab Compilation Vol. 1

Artist(s): F600, Michel Cleis, Martina Topley Bird, Francisco Allendes, Marcelo Rosselot, Alejandro Vivanco, Luciano, Psykoloco, Laps, Dani Casarano, Scan Mode; remixes by Audio George, Mirko Loko
Name: Cadenza Lab Compilation (Volume 1)
Genre: tech-house, techno, house
Label: Cadenza Lab
Catalog: CAL005
No. of tracks: 10
Type: unmixed


01. F600 – He Say A 200 Las Empana (Audio George Mix)
02. Michel Cleis – Tribute
03. Martina Topley Bird – Baby Blue (Mirko Loko Remix)
04. Francisco Allendes & Marcelo Rosselot -Havanese
05. Alejandro Vivanco – Rise Again
06. Luciano – Man’s Friend
07. Psykoloco – Merry Blues Groove
08. Laps – No Compute
09. Dani Casarano – To Rule
10. Scan Mode – Emotional Landscape


A year passed since Luciano`s Cadenza Records created the digital sub-label Cadenza Lab, and now, with the 5th release we have the luck to listen to a 10 track compilation. And be sure to find 1 hour and a half filled with the purest techno and tech-house.
The first track is a remix signed by Audio George to an F600 track, a very rhythmic but also dark song, filled with strange noises and deep vocals. Tribute starts as a tribal house song at first, but develops into something very original as jazz sounds are added. Baby Blue is a combination of very beautiful vocals provided by Martina Topley Bird and some chill and minimalistic house sounds by Mirko Loko, sadly being an ambiance track than for the dance-floor. Thank God for Havanese, that is back on track with strong bass and house rhythm. Rise Again is very techno-oriented, with sharp sounds following the strong drum. Luciano joins in with his characteristic style of long, original and melodramatic tracks. Psykoloco delivers a pure and rapid tech-house track, filled with vocals and various percussion. No Compute moves the compass again into the zone of techno, with it`s daring drums and electric sounds. House is back on track with To Rule, a loud song that sadly is very boring in it`s own way (something is clearly missing here). Emotional Landscape ends this compilation in a very high note, with a deep and sad song that is clearly a work of art. Summing up, besides one or two tracks that are weak, the rest are amazing and worth having in the collection. Waiting for the next release :)

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