Sunday, September 30, 2012

[digital] Deymare - A Night Out With The Mates EP

Artist(s): Deymare
Name: A Night Out With The Mates
Genre: deep-house

Label: Rootz Underground
Catalog: RU003D
No. of tracks: 3
Type: unmixed 


01. You Can't Be
02. A Night Out With the Mates
03. Great Things and Good Vibes


Finn producer Deymare signs the next EP of Rootz Underground, scheduled for release on the 22th of October. 

[digital] Jon Billick - Seams EP

Artist(s): Jon Billick, Zweistein
Name: Seams
Genre: deep-house

Label: Cosmic Disco
Catalog: CODIS009
No. of tracks: 4
Type: unmixed 


01. Seams 
02. Avenida Las Noches 
03. Roller King 
04. Public Enemies (With Zweistein)


You must not be a superstar to make very good electronic music. I love this genre because there are so many artists that have a chance of expressing themselves. And when recognition comes from guys like Luciano, Richie Hawtin and Paco Osuna, you know you're on the right path.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

[digital] Roy Gilles - Different Paths EP

Artist(s): Roy Gilles
Name: Different Paths
Genre: deep-house

Label: Rootz Underground
Catalog: RU002D
No. of tracks: 4
Type: unmixed 


01. Cosmic Fields
02. Irrational Plastic Love
03. That Empty Sound Gonna Get Ya
04. Tonite I`m a Fightin` Fish


A new label just hit the stage, by the name of Rootz Undeground. As it is focused on musical quality, it was nice to see one of my favs, Roy Gilles, contributed with no less than 4 tracks.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

[digital] Tomas Barfod ft. Nina Kinert - Till We Die

Artist(s): Tomas Barfod, Nina Kinert; remixes by Lopazz, Forever Jung, Blond:ish, Andycap
Name: Till We Die
Genre: deep-house

Label: Get Physical Music
Catalog: GPM195
No. of tracks: 4
Type: unmixed 


01. Till We Die
01. Till We Die (Lopazz vs. Forever Jung remix)
01. Till We Die (Blondish remix)
01. Till We Die (Andycap remix)


Tomas Barfod`s 7th release on Physical features a deep-house track and 3 variations, all featuring the beautiful voice of Swedish pop/folk singer Nina Kinert. The heavy percussion keeps the rhythm, as a dreamy atmosphere unfolds. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

BLOND:ISH - Strange Attractions EP

Artist(s): BLOND:ISH
Name: Strange Attractions
Genre: tech-house

Label: Get Physical Music
Catalog: GPM???
No. of tracks: 2
Type: unmixed 


01. Voyeur
02. Distant Lover


London based duo BLOND:ISH makes its second appearance on the German label, after Full Body Workout #9. Their previous work made it to labels like Vandit, Monique Musique, Hed Kandi, Defected in the House.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

[digital] Negru - Young Man EP

Artist(s): Negru; remix by Alex Picone
Name: Young Man
Genre: tech-house

Label: WOW! Recordings
Catalog: WOW33
No. of tracks: 2
Type: unmixed 


01. Young Man
02. Young Man (Alex Picone remix)


Just got two fresh tracks this morning, from my Romanian fellow Negru, known for his work on labels like Cecille, Soweso and Sincopat. I also was glad to see that one of them was remixed by one of my favorite artists when it comes to tech-house, Alex Picone.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

[digital] V.A. - Full Body Workout Vol. 9

Artist(s): Alexi Delano, Alejandro Sab, Audiojack, Black Light Smoke, Blond:ish, Fabio Giannelli, Gel Abril, Noir & Atapy , Onno, Simon Baker, Squire; remixes by DJ T., Martin Buttrich
Name: Full Body Workout Vol. 9
Genre: tech-house, deep-house, house

Label: Get Physical Music
Catalog: GPMDA052
No. of tracks: 10
Type: unmixed (released on CD and vinyl in the future)


01. Black Light Smoke - Lovework (Dj T. remix)
02. Blond:ish - In My Head
03. Alexi Delano, Alejandro Sab - Delusive Pains
04. Audiojack - Overtone!
05. Squire - Organic Life (Martin Buttrich remix)
06. Noir & Atapy - Never Fade Back
07. Gel Abril - Vision Is
08. Simon Baker - Trust
09. Onno - Tribute to the Gigolo
10. Fabio Giannelli - Mercury Star


From the first Body Workout, released at the beginning of 2005, it was clear that this compilation is a must for every fan of true electronica, bringing big names together and creating a feast for the ears. The latest instalment comes half a year after Volume 8, and brings just under 80 minutes of pure joy.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

[digital] Guti, Livio & Roby - We Are EP

Artist(s): Guti, Livio & Roby
Name: We Are
Genre: tech-house, deep-house, chill out

Label: Saved Records
Catalog: SAVED083
No. of tracks: 3
Type: unmixed


01. We Are
02. Up There
03. Piesa 3


When the best Argentinian producer meets the best Romanian producers, what to expect more than some good music? This is their first collaboration, and it does not occur, as some might expect it, on Desolat (where they released many acclaimed tracks), but on London based Saved Records, belonging to Nic and Mark Fanciulli.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

[digital] Gregorythme - Raoul07 EP

Artist(s): Gregorythme
Name: Raoul 07
Genre: deep-house, house

Label: Raoul
Catalog: Raoul007
No. of tracks: 3
Type: unmixed


01. The Bubble
02. Soft Eyes
03. Solar System vs. Star System


Almost 4 months after Raoul 06 (find it here), Gregorythme (1/2 of Digitaline, together with Laps) returns to showcase his musical skills.

[digital] Tim Green - In Love (The Remixes) EP

Artist(s): Tim Green; remixes by Audiofly, Robert Dietz
Name: In Love (The Remixes)
Genre: tech-house, deep-house
Label: Get Physical Music
Catalog: GPM179
No. of tracks: 2
Type: unmixed 


01. In Love (Audiofly 'Now You Can Work' Remix)
02. In Love (Robert Dietz Remix)


For the ones who remember, UK producer Tim Green released last november an EP called In Love (a review here). Now he is being remixed by none others than Get Physical duo Audiofly (also on VIVa, Supernature, Desolat, Cocoon, 8bit) and electronica master Robert Dietz (Cadenza, Cecille), on his first appearance on this label.

Monday, June 4, 2012

[vinyl] Premiesku - Constant EP

Artist(s): Premiesku
Name: Constant
Genre: tech-house, house
Label: Desolat
Catalog: Desolat023
No. of tracks: 4 (vinyl), 5 (digital)
Type: unmixed + bonus mix (digital)


01. Constant
02. Personificarea lui Talker
03. O Lozinca
04. Odd Stuff
05. Oarecum Astral (digital bonus)


For those who don`t know, Premiesku is a Romanian trio composed of Livio & Roby (with works released on prestigious labels like Desolat, Cecille Numbers, VIVa, Monique Musique, Supernature, SCI+TEC, Vakant) and George G. Desolat X-Sampler (Red) featured the fist appearance of the project, formerly known as Monochome, based more on progressive house.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

[digital] Genny G & Roy Gilles - Above the Sun EP

Artist(s): Genny G, Roy Gilles; remix by Gene
Name: Above the Sun
Genre: deep-house, house
Label: Back and Forth
Catalog: BAFDIGI014
No. of tracks: 5
Type: unmixed


01. Obscure Vibrations
02. Obscure Vibrations
03. Make Some Noise
04. Sorry For This Jams
05. Swimming In Your Mouth


Genny G (Apparel Music, Monique Speciale) teams up with Roy Gilles, one of my favorites when it comes to deep house, to bring the next Back and Forth EP. And if the last one had only 1 track (but a very good one, check Domy`s Don`t Even Know Me here), this has no more no less than 5.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

[digital] Yooj - Seeing Things EP

Artist(s): Yooj
Name: Seeing Things
Genre: tech-house
Label: Monique Speciale
Catalog: MS067
No. of tracks: 3
Type: unmixed


01. Readings 
02. Seeing Things 
03. The Cave 


Yooj is one of the names you will definitely hear more and more in the future, as new tracks appear, confirming the talent of the USA born and Berlin relocated producer. And what`s the best thing to learn in Germany, if not electronic music.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

[digital] V.A. - Heidi Presents The Jackathon (Da Remixes)

Artist(s): Mathias Kaden, Solomun, Jamie Jones, Gjaezon; remixes by Eats Everything, Richy Ahmed, Deniz Kurtel
Name: Heidi Presents The Jackathon (Da Remixes)
Genre: house, deep-house
Label: Get Physical Music
Catalog: GPM182
No. of tracks: 3
Type: unmixed


01. Jamie Jones - Whiff It Yawl (Eats Everything Resniff)
02. Solomun - What The Funk (Deniz Kurtel Remix)
03. Mathias Kaden Gjaezon - Jackathon Feat Gjaezon (Richy Ahmed Remix)


Following the critically acclaimed compilation by Heidi, the latest Physical Music brings fresh remixes of the tracks created by Mathias Kaden (Vakant, Freude am Tanzen), Solomun (Diynamic, Sonar), and Jamie Jones (Crosstown Rebels).

Saturday, May 19, 2012

[vinyl] Markus Homm - What do they want (Remixes) EP

Artist(s): Markus Homm; remixes by Chris Carrier, L. Leal & A. Garza, Alex Celler, Carlos Sanchez
What do they want (Remixes)
Genre: tech-house, deep-house, house

Label: Unike Muzik
Catalog: UNIKEMUZIK002
No. of tracks: 4
Type: unmixed


01 Keyframe signal (Chris Carrier Remix)
02 What do they want (L. Leal & A. Garza Rmx)
03 Take off (Alex Celler Toronto Dub)
04 What do they want (Carlos Sanchez Remix)


Following the first release of Unike Muzik, a 3 tracked EP signed by Markus Homm (positive feedback from Lee Burridge, Maceo Plex, Danny Howells, Ellen Allien, Sis, and many more), the second installment from this label brings 4 fresh remixes from big names like Chris Carrier and Alex Celler. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

[vinyl] Paul van Dyk - Evolution LP

Artist(s): Paul van Dyk
Name: Evolution
Genre: trance
Label: Vandit 
Catalog: VAN2050V
No. of vinyls: 2
Type: dj friendly edition


A1: Symmetries (Club Mix)(feat. Austin Leeds)
A2: Verano (PvD's Full Fire Mix)(feat. Austin Leeds)B1: A Wonderful Day (Extended Version)(feat. Giuseppe Ottaviani)
B2: Dae Yor (Club Mix)(feat. Ummet Ozcan)

C1: The Ocean (Club Mix)(feat. Arty)C2: Open Your Eyes (Directors Cut Mix)(feat. Kyau & Albert)
D1: I Don't Deserve You (Extended Version)(feat. Plumb)
D2: Everywhere (Extended Version)(feat. Fieldwork)


Spanning over 50 international awards, 26 EPs and singles, 10 compilation mixes, Paul van Dyk is one of the biggest superstars of electronic music today. Besides creating soundtracks for a multitude of movies and videogames, he also created 5 albums (not to count the 2 remix ones). Now he is back with his 6th, 5 years after the previous one, the critically acclaimed In Between.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

[digital] Domy - Don`t Even Know Me

Artist(s): Domy
Name: Don`t Even Know Me
Genre: deep-house, house
Label: Back and Forth
Catalog: BAF005
No. of tracks: 1
Type: unmixed


01. Don`t Even Know Me


Still 10 more days until this record hits the stores, and already very positive feedback came from guys like Luciano, Paco Osuna, John Dimas, UGLH, Kruse & N├╝rnberg, Nico Lahs, Sasch BBC, Wollion and Huxley.

Monday, May 7, 2012

[digital] M.A.N.D.Y. vs. Adultnapper - Bus Ted

Artist(s): M.A.N.D.Y., Adultnapper; remixes by H2, Kenny Larkin, Kris Wadsworth, Daria
Name: Bus Ted
Genre: tech-house, techno, deep-house
Label: Get Physical Music
Catalog: GPM177
No. of tracks: 5
Type: unmixed


01. Bus Ted
02. Bus Ted (Kenny Larkin Long Neve Remix) 
03. Bus Ted (Kris Wadsworth Remix)
04. Bus Ted (Daria Remix)
05. Bus Ted (H2 Remix)


It`s not the first time Adultnapper joins hands with M.A.N.D.Y. in order to create music, like 201 (find it here) and Kindling (here, here). Now the trio is releasing Bus Ted, followed by 4 very interesting remixes.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Livio & Roby - Odus Noch EP

Artist(s): Livio & Roby
Name: Odus Noch
Genre: tech-house
Label: VIVa Music
Catalog: VIVA095
No. of tracks: 4
Type: unmixed


01. Odus Noch
02. Taloon 
03. De Sens Adanc 
04. In Da Hole 


Just a few more releases until the magic number 100 for Lawler`s VIVa Music, but until then we have the pleasure of listening 4 new tracks from Romanian superstars Livio & Roby, an EP supported by names like Dubfire, Reboot, Robert Dietz, Marco Carolla, Audiofly, and many more.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

[digital] Klaap - Vers Le Haut EP

Artist(s): Klaap; remixes by Alex Celler, 9West, Saytek
Name: Vers Le Haut
Genre: deep-house, tech-house
Label: Disobey Music
Catalog: DISOBEY001
No. of tracks: 5
Type: unmixed


01. Vers Le Haut
02. Vers Le Haut (9West Remix)
03. Vers Le Haut (Saytek Remix)
04. Thorivos

05. Thorivos (Alex Celler Quantum Revamp)


Tomorrow, on the 20th, a new label will start releasing music, namely Disobey. The Greek label`s first release is signed by Klaap, and already it has good feedback from people like Dubfire, Seth Troxler, Butch, Roland M. Dill, AFFKT, and many more. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

[digital] Andrade - Dancing EP

Artist(s): Andrade; remixes by Quell, Cosmic Cowboys
Genre: deep-house, tech-house
Label: Back and Forth
Catalog: BAFDIGI013
No. of tracks: 5
Type: unmixed


01. Dancing
02. Dancing (Quell 'The Grind' Remix)
03. Dancing (Cosmic Cowboys 'Barrakud' Remix) 
04. Lost
05. Lost (Dub)


As usual from Back and Forth Records, we get to relive the great songs from vinyl in the form of extended EPs. Now it`s time to hear Andrade`s dancing yet again.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

[digital] Pablo Bolivar - Three Ways To Move EP

Artist(s): Pablo Bolivar
Name: Three Ways To Move
Genre: deep-house
Label: Desolat
Catalog: DESOLAT021
No. of tracks: 6
Type: unmixed


01. Frequency
02. Take Off
03. You Too
04. Addicted
05. Three Ways To Move

06. Playground


Spanish producer Pablo Bolivar takes Desolat on a radical new path, that of deep-house, the label being known for its (sometimes minimalistic) tech-house and techno. But, as we get good music in the end, it does not matter.