Monday, June 4, 2012

[vinyl] Premiesku - Constant EP

Artist(s): Premiesku
Name: Constant
Genre: tech-house, house
Label: Desolat
Catalog: Desolat023
No. of tracks: 4 (vinyl), 5 (digital)
Type: unmixed + bonus mix (digital)


01. Constant
02. Personificarea lui Talker
03. O Lozinca
04. Odd Stuff
05. Oarecum Astral (digital bonus)


For those who don`t know, Premiesku is a Romanian trio composed of Livio & Roby (with works released on prestigious labels like Desolat, Cecille Numbers, VIVa, Monique Musique, Supernature, SCI+TEC, Vakant) and George G. Desolat X-Sampler (Red) featured the fist appearance of the project, formerly known as Monochome, based more on progressive house.

The guys are now in the final stages of their full analog live show, with their own custom built gear (!!!), and as their first LP on Desolat was posponed, we get this EP to taste what is to come. And I have to say I`m impressed. It starts strong with 'Constant', having the same lovely sound I was used to hear them play so many times back in the old days when they were doing warm-ups, a very danceable tech-house track, continued with the more groovy and after-hours oriented 'Personificarea lui Talker'. Turning on the other side, 'O Lozinca' deploys some very nice synth sounds, creating quite a strange but pleasing song for the ears, while 'Odd Stuff' has a more old-school house feeling, based on various percussion and keys to make it dancefloor-oriented. Get it digital, and you receive a hypnotic 'Oarecum Astral', and a special mix of the 5 tracks. Overall, I`m sure that the future LP will be a bomb and, together with the live show, will place Premiesku even higher among the world`s top producers. Way to go guys!!!

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