Saturday, October 1, 2011

[digital] Nick Curly - Sun City EP

Artist(s): Nick Curly
Name: Sun City
Genre: tech-house, techno
Label: Cocoon
Catalog: COR12089
No. of tracks: 3
Type: unmixed


01. Sun City
02. Green Baize
03. Libero


8Bit`s and Cecille`s own superstar, Nick Curly, is not new to the gigantic label Cocoon, and yet again he strikes to remind us why Germans are so good at what they do, especially when it comes to electronic music. Germany is trully the house of the best underground music I`ve heard, and as a consequence, most of my favorite labels and artists come from that area.
Getting back on the new EP, Sun City mixes both Nick`s style of powerful beats and the true techno that Cocoon is so well known for. Also you can notice that the style is a bit darker than Nick`s work. Playfulness returns with Green Baize, a tech-house track filled with tribal percussion, and with excellent keys developing in the second part of the song, when the bass fades away and we`re left with a funky rhythm. Libero is made in the style of the first track, and frankly I thought of Kollektiv Turmstrasse a bit when I heard it. Even with the strong tech-house beats and drums, the core of the song belongs to the genre embraced by the duo mentioned above. That`s a bit of sentimental techno right there ;) Anyway, a very strong release by Nick Curly, and I can`t wait to hear this on the dancefloor.

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