Monday, October 10, 2011

[digital] Viudez & Rainer - Scusas EP

Artist(s): Viudez, Rainer
Name: Scusas
Genre: tech-house
Label: Desolat
Catalog:  DESOLAT018
No. of tracks: 5
Type: unmixed


01. Scusas
02. Rainer Nostalgia
03. Nuevo Cedar
04. Philips TV
05. Una Cosa Tool


Waiting for Livio & Roby`s forthcoming album on Loco Dice`s and Martin Buttrich`s Desolat, I came across the last release, signed by the London based Spanish duo Viudez & Rainer. So, if you dig the style of this label, take a look below.

The typical Latino influence that Guti has exhibits in his tracks is felt here also, in these "by the book" tech-house (sometimes minimalistic) tracks. Scusa gets directly to the point, with tribal percussion, and the loops hide a midway surprise, represented by some violins playing randomly and vocals. The looping vocals take a woman`s voice in Rainer Nostalgia, a more chilled track with nice bass-line. Nuevo Cedar is more playful, heading towards the minimal genre, with its small and non-complex sounds. Philips TV has the same minimal feel to it, being at best an average track. Una Cosa Tool has some nice Latino vocals and good percussion, proving to be more enjoyable than the former song. To sum up, a good EP, with some small flaws. I`m interested how these 2 will develop in the future. But beware, don`t expect Guti here.

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