Sunday, October 9, 2011

[digital] Nima Gorji & Sunsetpeople - Day by Day EP

Artist(s): Nima Gorji, Sunsetpeople
Name: Day By Day
Genre: tech-house
Label: Monza Ibiza Records
Catalog:  MIR006
No. of tracks: 2
Type: unmixed


01. Youzer
02. 2 Day


Nima Gorji and Sunsetpeople join their forces on this new Monza Ibiza EP, but is the combination good or not? Glad to report it is :). Youzer is a top song, filled with bouncy percussion, repeating vocals and some pretty nice keys, that use your stereo system to the fullest, creating this interesting 3D sound. 2 Day is more relaxing than the first track, but still good for jumping on the dancefloor. The chilling vocals are the mark of Sunsetpeople, that`s for sure. Anyway, check it out on the next link and the Youtube videos. Enjoy!

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