Sunday, October 2, 2011

[digital] Giuseppe Cennamo - A Single in the Jungle EP

Artist(s): Giuseppe Cennamo
Name: A Single in the Jungle
Genre: tech-house, deep-house
Label: 8Bit
Catalog: 8Bit048
No. of tracks: 3
Type: unmixed


01. Wannabe
02. Please Hold On
03. June in Naples


With only one EP to go until no.50, 8Bit gives us another dose of high quality electronica, with Giuseppe Cennamo starring as the lead-man in this 3-tracked EP.

Wannabe is clearly meant for the dancefloor, with a strong tribal beat and some haunting sounds. You can easily imagine you`re in a real jungle, hearing an ancient tribe beat on their drums. The exotic journey continues with Please Hold On, with occasional creepy sounds, deep vocals and slick bass-line. And for all you tribal fans, the trip stops here, as June in Naples has nothing to do with the previous tracks. First of all, it is deep-house, in itself very good and danceable, but don`t expect to continue the style of the EP. Summing up, I just can`t wait for 8Bit no. 50. Just damn good music!

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