Monday, October 24, 2011

[digital] Maximiljan - Bodymovin EP

Artist(s): Maximiljan; remix by Tapesh
Name: Bodymovin
Genre: tech-house, techno
Label: Monique Musique
Catalog:  MM072
No. of tracks: 4
Type: unmixed


01. Bodymovin
02. Bodymovin (Tapesh Remix)
03. Ruthless Ambition
04. Gonna Do This


I`ve heard the original head track and the 3rd one being dropped by Dubfire in Holland, for Loveland festival (a link to the live set with video here) and I thought of investigating more, also because Monique Musique is not a new name for me.
The original starts with some hollow drum sounds but beware if you expect some tribal house. Maybe just a scent of it, because the rest is filled with pure techno, fast and filled with slick bass and percussion. The Tapesh remix starts the same, but keeps all the interesting elements and adds a bouncy bass-line, bringing the song to a more tech-house level. Ruthless Ambition can be cataloged in the same genre, even if some deep-sounds are present, but not enough to shift the balance. Gonna Do This is fast paced and has alot of drums involved, but compared to the rest seems a bit fade, proving to be the weak link in this excellent EP. But enough talk, listen & buy it:

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