Monday, June 6, 2011

[CD][digital] Above & Beyond - Group Therapy

Artist(s): Above & Beyond
Name: Group Therapy
Genre: trance
Label: Anjunabeats
Catalog: ANJCD024D
No. of CDs: 1
Type: unmixed


01. Filmic
02. Alchemy (featuring Zoë Johnston)
03. Sun & Moon (featuring Richard Bedford)
04. You Got To Go (featuring Zoë Johnston)
05. Black Room Boy (vocals by Tony McGuinness and Richard Bedford)
06. Giving It Out (featuring Zoë Johnston)
07. On My Way To Heaven (featuring Richard Bedford)
08. Prelude
09. Sun In Your Eyes
10. Love Is Not Enough (featuring Zoë Johnston)
11. Every Little Beat (featuring Richard Bedford)
12. Sweetest Heart (featuring Zoë Johnston)
13. Thing Called Love (featuring Richard Bedford)
14. Only A Few Things (featuring Zoë Johnston)
15. Eternal


I ordered a while back the Limited Collector`s Edition of Group Therapy (in the form of a 40-pages hardcover book, containing the CD, a bonus disk with videos and an exclusive half-hour interview, handwritten lyrics, sleeve notes and autographs from the group). You can find it here.Because the dispatch day is in July (for some reason) Anjunabeats was kind enough to send me the mp3 album. I don`t need to listen to an Above & Beyond album to buy it, I love their style and consider them my #1 in trance, along with Paul van Dyk.
MixMag and Dj Magazine received the album 2 or 3 weeks ago and have written perfect reviews. I`m not a sort of person who cares for reviews but I totally agree with them. The trio takes uplifting trance and keeps it at a very high level, a level that no other producer surpassed. Only 4 tracks out of 15 are not vocal, and neither Alone Tonight`s Richard Bedford or Good for Me`s Zoë Johnston borrow their superb voices. A great surprise were the vocals of Tony McGuinness present on one track, and boy does he deliver. Musically, the booming drums get along perfectly with the synths, mostly piano and violins, creating classical music played with tribal sounds, the thing we call trance. A good trance, euphoric, that makes you dream with your eyes wide open, that makes you dance. A trance full of emotions, a thing not always seen in some sub-genres of trance. Clearly the trance album of the year!!! Enjoy the links and support the artists.

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