Sunday, June 12, 2011

[vinyl][digital] V.A. - Trapez Ltd 100 (Anniversary Edition) - Part 1

Artist(s): Butch, Mihalis Safras, Ryan Crosson, Italoboyz, Worthy, Blind Minded, Lucio Aquilina; remixes by Remerc, Roland M Dill & Mozambeat, Deep´A & Biri, Mihalis Safras, Marcus Sur, Fabrice Lig
Name: Trapez Ltd 100 (Anniversary Edition) - Part 1
Genre: tech-house
Label: Trapez Ltd
Catalog: TRAPEZ ltd 100
No. of tracks: 4 (vinyl), 8 (digital)
Type: unmixed


01. Butch – Muskatnuss (Remerc remix)(A1)
02. Mihalis Safras – Interafrica (Roland M Dill & Mozambeat remix)(A2)
03. Ryan Crosson – Gotham Road (Deep´A & Biri remix)(B1)
04. Butch – Earth (Mihalis Safras remix)(B2)
05. Italoboyz – Rosa Fresquissima
06. Worthy – Ah Chord (Marcus Sur remix)
07. Blind Minded – Vu Le Vous Parle
08. Lucio Aquilina – Disco Bus (Fabrice Lig remix)


The last few weeks we celebrated 5 years of 8bit, with two compilations full of tech and deep house (reviews are here and here). Now, another one of my favorite labels, Trapez Ltd, sub-label of Traum Schallplatten, has a motive for celebration, after almost 10 years of existence and 100 of releases. So, we have 2 parts (the second counted as Trapez Ltd 101), 17 tracks (of which 8 are on 100) and a vinyl (the songs on it are marked with their place on the record, on the right side of the playlist).

 Let`s turn our attention to no. 100 (101 will be reviewed in a latter article). 8 tracks, 6 of them remixed. 100% tech-house, with flavors of techno and house, brought to you by the usual suspects of this label (except Remerc, just added to the rooster). The new additon prooves it`s value, as it opens the compilation with a playful remix of Butch`s Muskatnuss, followed by Roland M Dill`s & Mozambeat`s techno view of Safras` Interafrica. Then we shift to a more house-like track, the remix of Ryan Crosson`s Gotham Road, followed by the tribal remix of Mihalis Safras on Butch`s Earth.

Italoboyz explore the undergound of electronic music, with a very interesting track, followed by Marcus Sur’s remix of Ah Chord, very original in it`s way, but I don`t think it will be liked by all. Vu Le Vous Parle has a very analog feeling, with alot of different sounds mixed in a very pleasurable way. Fabrice Lig remixes Disco Bus, a track in a pure Chicago old school style, ending this compilation. To draw a conclusion, a very good selection of top artists, marking the 100th release of a great label. Recommended!!!

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