Friday, June 24, 2011

[vinyl][digital] V.A. - Trapez Ltd 100 (Anniversary Edition) - Part 2

Artist(s): Butch, Mihalis Safras, Lucio Aquilina, Red Robin & Jakob Hilden, M In & Jonas, David Keno, Roland M Dill, Amir, Marcus Sur; remixes by Amir, M In, BNZO, Sebastian Porter, Sam Ball, Crowdkillers, Shane Berry
Name: Trapez Ltd 100 (Anniversary Edition) - Part 2
Genre: tech-house, house
Label: Trapez Ltd
Catalog: TRAPEZ ltd 101
No. of tracks: 8
Type: unmixed


01. Mihalis Safras – Interafrica (Amir remix)
02. Lucio Aquilina – Disco Bus (M In remix)
03. Butch – Reshef (BNZO remix)
04. Red Robin & Jakob Hilden – Snapdragon (Sebastian Porter remix)
05. Mucky Pups aka M In & Jonas – Ambam
06. David Keno – Alive
07. Roland M Dill – I`ll be There (Sam Ball remix)
08. Amir – Rocky Mountain (Crowdkillers remix)
09. Marcus Sur – Down With The Ship (Shane Berry remix)


Trapez Ltd is celebrating it`s 100th release by a double compilation featuring excellent tech house. This is the second part, and the review for the first you can find here. The compilations feature remixes to known tracks from the previous 99 releases, reworked by the labels`s artists, and featuring two new ones in the rooster. Remerc was the first, now it`s time for Sebastian Porter.

Safras` Interafrica got a remix on the first part from Roland M Dill, now it`s time for Amir to deliver a more psychedelic version of the track, followed by M In`s remix of Disco Bus, a very daring and mad track. BNZO remixes Butch`s Reshef, resulting in a very melodic track, followed by Sebastian Porter`s take on Snapdragon, and I`m glad to say that he lives to the expectations. Two unremixed new tracks follow, the disappointing and withered Ambam, and the big surprize Alive, that has a scent of Berlin house. I`ll be There turns the compilation from house back to tech-house, just in time for Rocky Mountain`s slick baseline, and the acid Down With the Ship, that ends this beautiful record. Highly recommended for tech-house maniacs (like me :D).

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