Saturday, June 25, 2011

[digital] Butch - Avangarde EP

Artist(s): Butch
Name: Avangarde
Genre: tech-house, deep-house
Label: Cecille
Catalog: CEC022
No. of tracks: 4
Type: unmixed


01. Big Futt
02. Sweet In The Morning
03. Bless Us
04. Sweet in The Morning (Extended Vocal Mix)


There`s a lot of talking about the new Cecille record, and everyone is eager to hear Butch dropping 3 new tracks at the well known label. I know that Nick Curly maintains a very high level of quality of the releases, and has also done so in this case.
If Big Futt is a very mad track, filled with moments when you can imagine you`re accelerating at 200km/h on a racing bike, followed by a strong beat to maintain the crowd dancing, Bless Us comes with a scent of deep house impregnated on the powerful percussions. And Sweet In The Morning comes in two variations, the original mix and a vocal extended to 12 minutes mix. And it`s deep, very deep and beautiful, accompanied by a bit of tribal percussion. I really liked the variety of this record and I recommend it to all of you :) Listen to it below:

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