Tuesday, June 21, 2011

[vinyl][CD] V.A. - FAT 5zig (Limited Edition Box Set)

Artist(s): Douglas Greed, Monkey Maffia, Mathias Kaden, Daniel Stefanik, Marek Hemmann, Kadebostan, Krause Duo, Taron-Trekka, Robag Wruhme, Juno6, No Accident In Paradise
Name: FAT 5zig
Genre: tech-house, house, techno, deep-house, minimal
Label: Freude Am Tanzen
Catalog: FAT050
No. of tracks: 8 (vinyl), 12 (CD)
Type: Limited Edition Box Set


A1. Douglas Greed feat. Delhia De France - Back Room Deal
A2. Monkey Maffia - Cruciate Ligament Dub
B1. Mathias Kaden - Red Walls
B2. Daniel Stefanik - Tension In Leipzig
C1. Marek Hemmann feat. Fabian Reichelt - Pictures
C2. Kadebostan - Mon Petit Soleil D`Algerie
D1. Krause Duo - Drunkie Skunkie
D2. Taron- Trekka - Noo Sun

CD1. Kadebostan - Mother Cries
CD2. Robag Wruhme - Haftbolle
CD3. Juno6 - Guununk
CD4. No Accident in Paradise - Exit9


Freude Am Tanzen is a label that keeps its quality standards that high, and because of that it has only 50 releases in 13 years of existence. And quality you should expect in this limited box album, containing 2 vinyl, a 12-track CD including the tracks on the vinyl and 4 bonus ones, a 2-sided poster and some stickers. The motto is "cook your own soup". And before you ask me about that weird slogan, I`ll tell you that it is a German figure of speech, encompassing the fact that you add your own unique flavor to what you are doing.
The artists of the label presented their own soup with different flavors of electronica, from tech to house, each in his own style. So don`t be surprised that after a dance floor rocker you will encounter a chill track. Originality is the strong point of this label in general, and of the 5zig in particular. We got all kinds of grooves here, you want minimal, check out Exit9, you want techno, check Haftbolle, you want chillout see Mother Cries, you want tech-house, listen to Pictures, Tension In Leipzig, Noo Sun, Drunkie Skunkie, want some tribal sounds, then Mon Petit is for you, want more vocals, go look for the deep Back Room Deal or Red Walls. For fans of electronic music, this album is God-like, containing so many different styles. I really enjoyed the soups Freude Am Tanzen artists cooked for me.

Visually, we got kitchen pictures, ingredients, and even 7 real soup recipes on one side of the poster from the artists. Gotta try some when I`ll have time :) I`ll leave you with some pics and vids:

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