Thursday, June 2, 2011

[vinyl] Mathias Kaden - Studio 10 LP

Artist(s): Mathias Kaden
Name: Studio 10
Genre: tech-house, deep-house, house
Label: Vakant
Catalog: VA030
No. of vinyls: 2
Type: gatefold


A1. Intro Ducing (feat. Florian Schirmacher) *
A2. 1981 (feat. Gjaezon)
A3. Mascleta
B1. Ikenga
B2. Defender *
B3. Chazz
C1. State of Stasis (feat. Gjaezon)
C2. Roots *
C3. Kawaba (feat. Tomomi Ukomori)
D1. Panic Stricken (feat. Ian Simmonds)
D2. Lowrey
D3. Re Menor (feat. Florian Schirmacher)


Lately, Mathias Kaden won my respect and my appreciation with his original music. And after I heard his album, out on Onur Ozer`s Vakant, I knew it had to be in my vinyl collection. It consists of 12 tracks and it can be found also as a CD and as a digital download. Three of the tracks are really short (marked with a *), Intro Ducing having 4 minutes and Defender and Roots under one minute. That explains how 12 tracks could fit on just 2 vinyl.
Another great thing is that, even crowded, the tracks preserve their original production time, and are not cuts of the songs available digitally. Visually we get a gatefold with a modern-like painting over all the sides (dunoo what it represents, it`s for your own imagination to decide what, but it looks good). On the back we have a minimal playlist, repeated inside the gatefold in an extended way, with credits and timing for each track. It look stunning and it`s really a work of art.

I`m glad to announce that, from the point of view of the music, the album is also a work of art. Kaden worked 2 years to achieve this, aiming for perfection rather than flooding the electronic music market with unoriginal material.What`s really nice is that Mathias does not limit himself to one genre of music but circles around deep-house with the sad Re Menor, full on booming tech-house with (my favorite) Mascleta and Ikenga, jumping to a very minimal track with the haunting voice of Tomomi Ukomori, Kawaba, and maintaining a strong house influence with the vocals of Gjaezon and Ian Simmonds in 1981, State of Stasis, Panic Stricken. It`s a really pleasurable audition, in the club as well as at home when you`re chilling on the couch. A work of art, I really can`t wait for Mathias` second album.

And by the way, 3 remix EPs are available, containing 6 remixed tracks, among the remixers being Onur Ozer, Affkt and Dj Koze. Enjoy some music bellow, just after the pics.

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