Tuesday, May 10, 2011

[digital] V.A. - 5 Years 8bit (Part 1)

Artist(s): Alex Niggemann, Audiofly, Chily, Daniel Dubb, Darius Syrossian, Dave Rosario, Federico Locchi, UGLH, Gorge, Hector, Johhny D, Nick Curly, Oxia, Quell,  Ray Okpara, Sasch BBC, Caspar, Stefano Libelle; remix by Liapin & Tjoma
Name: 5 Years 8bit (Part 1)
Genre: tech-house, deep-house, house
Label: 8Bit
Catalog: 8BITCD004
No. of tracks: 20
Type: unmixed + mixed by Oxia


 01. Alex Niggemann – El Hechizo
 02. Audiofly – 1999
*03. Chily – Just Can’t Stop
*04. Daniel Dubb – Gone To Soon
*05. Darius Syrossian – You Can Change
*06. Dave Rosario – Her Circus Mind
 07. Federico Locchi, UGLH – No Category (Piano Dub Mix)
 08. Gorge – Imara (Liapin & Tjoma Rework)
*09. Gorge – Lolo Ross
*10. Hector – Danzante
 11. Johnny D – Requiem Of A Dream
 12. Johnny D – Walkman
 13. Nick Curly – Aymara
*14. Oxia – Meaningful
*15. Quell – Anybody Got A Body
*16. Quell – Anybody Got A Body (Stabs Mix)
*17. Ray Okpara – Around The Cong
*18. Sasch BBC, Caspar – Sakara
*19. Stefano Libelle – Do You Know (Dub Mix)
*20. Stefano Libelle – Do You Know (Vox Mix)

Note: tracks marked with a star * are released especially for this compilation and have not been released before.


8Bit is a great record label when it comes to tech & deep-house. Also it`s one of my favorite and I would buy a new release without even hearing it first. That`s because I know that quality comes first when it comes to the German-based label. This month they are celebrating 5 years of existence , an important milestone, with a double-part compilation and a three-vinyl pack.

And I will be there to review them all. And I`m starting with the first part of the digital compilation that just hit the Beatport`s virtual shelves (yep, is a Beatport exclusive, if you wondered why it`s only there). It contains 13 new tracks from artists like Gorge, Oxia, Ray Okpara and Sasch BBC, accompanied by 7 hits previously released on 8bit, from artist like Nick Curly, Johnny D, Gorge, Alex Niggerman, Federico Locchi and UGLH. I can say that the 7 are among my favorites from the label, or maybe to put it better, the favorites from the favorites, as the overwhelming majority of tracks released over the past 5 years got a special place in my hart. From the deep remix of Liapin & Tjoma of Imara, to the house-style No Category and the tech Walkman, all the classic tracks deserve to be on this compilation (not to mention Audiofly`s 1999).

Looking at the new stuff, I proudly report that the songs continue in the high-class style of the label, with big beats especially crafted for the dancefloor, just like Just Can’t Stop, quickly followed by the beautiful deep-house track Gone To Soon. Darius Syrossian comes up with something that starts with some deep keys but evolves into a full scale blockbuster house tune. Rosario`s Her Circus Mind continues the journey with a super bass-line while Gorge shows his producer talents (and why he is a strong pillar of the label) with Lolo Ross, a tech-house song with a spice of deep-house. Hector delivers quite a hallucinating track (and it`s not a metaphore :D) while Oxia continues with the definition of tech-house. Anybody Got a Body is one of the 2 tracks that are featured as two (not that different) versions, a strong deep-house with electro sounds. The second is Do You Know, and its Dub Mix I consider to be the weak link of this compilation.

As an end line, a top-notch compilation from a great label. Happy B-day 8Bit!!! Stay tuned for the second part and vinyl review. Watch below some clips with the 7 classics. Will post the videos for the new songs as soon as they are out :)


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