Saturday, May 7, 2011

[digital] V.A. - Eleven Years Cocoon Recordings (Selected Remix Works)


Artist(s): Dinky,  Martin Buttrich, Argy, Joel Mull,  Dubfire vs Oliver Huntemann, Pig & Dan, 2000 & One,  Guy Gerber, Extrawelt; remixes by Visionquest, Roman Flugel, Tim Green, Steve Rachmad, Carlo Lio, Gary Beck, Paul Ritch, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Petar Dundov, Patrick Kunkel, Dexter,  Kassey Voorn & Pete Mccarthy, Nick Curly
Name: Eleven Years Cocoon Recordings (Selected Remix Works)
Genre: techno
Label: Cocoon
No. of tracks: 9 (on CD), 12 (digital)
Type: unmixed + mixed by Patrick Kunkel
Some tracks appear on vinyl as samplers. 


01. Dinky – Acid In My Fridge (Visionquest Remix)
02. Martin Buttrich – Hunter (Roman Flugel Remix)
03. Argy – Unreliable Virgin (Tim Green Remix)
04. Joel Mull – Harmonautic String (Steve Rachmad Remix)
05. Dubfire vs Oliver Huntemann – Diablo (Carlo Lio Remix)
06. Pig & Dan – Deliverance (Gary Beck Remix)
07. 2000 & One – Tropical Melons (Paul Ritch Remix)
08. Guy Gerber – Timing (Kollektiv Turmstrasse Remix)
09. Extrawelt – Titelheld (Petar Dundov Remix)
10. Extrawelt – Titelheld (Patrick Kunkel Remix)
11. Extrawelt – Titelheld (Dexter Remix)
12. Guy Gerber – Timing (Kassey Voorn & Pete Mccarthy Remix)
13. 2000 & One – Tropical Melons (Nick Curly Remix)


What made me get this new compilation? Well, first it`s Cocoon. And every true clubber knows what a big brand it is: parties, clubs and a label bear this name. And they are surrounded by good quality techno, and some variations including minimal and tech-house. I saw a small review on a site praising the house & tech-house sound of this album and I remained puzzled. Do really people listen before they say their opinion?

Guess not. Dunno which part of this is house (maybe some tracks have a small trace of tech-house) but it`s about time that the ones reviewing electronic music to start differentiating musical genres. Most of this is pure techno, made in the Cocoon way. The second reason I looked into this are the artists. Classic tracks from Buttrich, 2000 and One, Dubfire, Guy Gerber, Dinky, remixed by Nick Curly, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Tim Green and Roman Flugel? Yes, thank you :D. And the other artists (to which work I do not know so well) rise above all my expectations. I wanted to see which track I liked and which I did not and all passed the test. I did not like the beginning of the Dinky remix and neither the a bit rough remix of Patrick Kunkel, who also signs a bonus mix, available on the CD and as a digital download.

The CD has got the first 9 tracks, the rest being a bonus to the digital download (tracks that were on the CD but with a different remixer - Extrawelt got remixed 3 times and Gerber & 2000 and One 2 times each). All the original tracks are classics out on Cocoon that benefited by new remixes for this anniversary compilation. There are also 3 vinyl samplers, but only with 2 tracks on each (why not 4????). So why buy 4 tracks on 2 vinyl when you can buy all 13 tracks in WAV.

To wrap it up, a great release to celebrate 11 years of Sven Vath`s label. Happy B-day Cocoon !!!

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