Thursday, May 26, 2011

[digital] Dominik Eulberg - Diorama

Artist(s): Dominik Eulberg
Name: Diorama
Genre: techno, minimal
Label: Traum Schallplatten
Catalog: TRAUM CD24
No. of tracks: 11 (CD), 12(digital), 8 (2 x vinyl)
Type: unmixed album


01. Taeuschungs-Blume 
02. Echomaus
03. Das Neunauge
04. Teddy Tausendtod
05. Islandmuschel 400
06. Die 3 Millionen Musketiere
07. H2O 
08. Der Tanz Der Gluehwuermchen 
09. Aeronaut
10. Wenn Es Perlen Regnet
11. Metamorphose 
12. Die Strandmieze Von St. Peter-Ording


Dominik Eulberg is known for his dj-ing skills as well as for his production, totaling 4 albums and more than 20 EPs, most for Traum Schallplatten but also for Trapez and Cocoon. I heard his latest album, Diorama, and wanted to share my thought with whoever is interested in quality techno.
What I liked about this album is that Dominik shares his emotions with each of the tracks, thus delivering a very deep (Kollektiv Turmstrasse-like) techno. The ones considering techno and electronic music artificial must check this out. Another nice thing is that sometimes when I listen to this, I feel like I put some relaxing CD, as it is filled with sounds taken from nature. Dominik combined his two hobbies, music and nature, in a very original and interesting way. From the melancholic Taeuschungs-Blume to the energic Die 3 Millionen Musketiere, we are taken in a grand techno journey, that will stay with us in our thoughts even when the CD has done playing. Two thumbs up!!!

PS: for the ones complaining in reviews that this albums is too trance-like ... go away you fools, you have no idea as to what musical art is :D

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