Tuesday, May 3, 2011

[vinyl] Paul van Dyk - Reflections (Special Edition)


Artist(s): Paul van Dyk
Name: Reflections
Genre: trance
Label: Vandit
Catalog: Vandit 035
No. of vinyls: 2
Type: special edition (dj friendly)


A1: Buenaventura (Reflections Vinyl Remix)
A2: Crush (PvD Album Remix)
B1: That's Life (PvD Mix)
B2: Reflections (Club Mix)

C1: Nothing But You (Berlin Mix)
C2: Kaleidoscope (Vinyl Mix)
D1: Time Of Our Lives (UK Club Mix)
D2: Like A Friend (Vandit Club Mix)


Paul van Dyk's fourth studio album continues his personal trance style, although Reflections has a brighter, slightly calmer atmosphere than his former works.  The LP has long dj friendly tracks and retains 8 out of the 13 tracks present on the CD, including the work that made me fall in love with PvD`s music, namely Time of our Lives.

Buenaventura comes with some uplifting key sounds and a very tech-house like baseline, making it a pretty original track. Pure trance is back on , with the vocals repeating that "I know you want me". John McDaid, a common vocalist on PvD`s work, borrows his voice on  That's Life and the excellent Time Of Our Lives (the second single of the album, together with Crush and  Nothing But You, written together with Hemstock & Jennings), recorded with the indie rock band Vega 4. A beautiful uplifting song is Reflections, which borrowed the name to the album. Tiesto also got a track called Kaleidoscope, so why shouldn't Paul have one. No connection whatsoever but still like Dyk`s style more. The album ends with a chilled track called Like a Friend, so you can say that it finished as originally as it started.

Visually we got the same picture on the front and back of the vinyl, with the tracklist in the upper left corner and some credits bellow onto the back cover. Some pics and vids below. To wrap it up, its a great work from a god of trance, highly recommended for listeners and non-listeners. 

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