Tuesday, May 24, 2011

[digital][vinyl] Loco Dice - The Lab 01

Artist(s): V.A., including artist like Jay Haze, Joseph Malik, Onur Ozer, Loco Dice, Robert Dietz, Terry Lee Brown Jr., Lopazz, Guti, Damian Schwartz & remixes by Mathias Kaden, Damian Schwartz, Loco Dice
Name: The Lab 01
Genre: techno, deep-house, tech-house, minimal
Label: NRK Sound Division
Catalog: LAB001DJ
No. of tracks: 19 (digital & CD), 12(3 x vinyl)
Type: unmixed + mixed by Loco Dice


01. Sascha Dive Deepest America (Samuel Davis Dark Soul Mix)   ***
02. Nick Holder Inside Your Soul (Sirus Remix)   **
03. Daso & Pawas Det
04. Terrence Dixon Below Radar (Mathias Kaden's Rhythm Is Rhythm Remix)   **
05. Jay Haze Mama Coca
06. Joseph Malik Believe & See (Plastic Avengers Remix)   ***
07. Damian Schwartz & Guti  Salsón   *
08. Önur Ozer Eclipse (Loco Dice Remix)  **
09. Someone Else  You Don't Got Me   *
10. Akiko Kiyama Hakobi
11. Loco Dice Black Truffles In The Snow (Mike Huckaby's The Jazzed Out S Y N T H Remix)
12. Audio Soul Project Song For Fred
13. DJ Ali You Don't Know (Ruff Cut)   *
14. Robert Dietz Klondike
15. Terry Lee Brown Jr. In A Deep Session With The Timewriter Everyday   ***
16. Alex Flatner Feat. Lopazz Perfect Circles (Damian Schwartz Remix)
17. MHM 1 Bubububadub   **
18. 95 North Forever Underground (Bass Dub)   ***
19. Second-Hand Satellites Orbit 1.3    *     

Note: the * mark the tracks that were also released on vinyl, and their number indicates the number of the sampler


Loco Dice is one of my favorite artists when it comes to production (the review for his 7 Dunham Place album you can find here, and for the two Desolat samplers where he is present, here and here) but also when we`re talking about selecting high quality tracks. This compilation, released at UK based label NRK Sound Division, demonstrates that fact.
This 19 track selection was released (luckily) in many forms, mixed by Loco Dice, unmixed full-dj-friendly-tracks, both on CD and digital. Even better, 12 of the tracks made it on 3 vinyls (of which, at the moment, I own parts 2 & 3).

The fact that we can find not only techno, tech-house & minimal (Dice`s style) but also some deep-house, was a really nice surprise. To start with our host, Loco is present both as a remixer for Ozer`s minimalistic Eclipse and with his own track Black Truffles In The Snow, a remix by Mike Huckaby that sadly does not even come close to the original. Sascha Dive`s Deepest America cruises between tech & deep house, while Inside your Soul is a beautiful euphoric deep track. Det brings back the compilation in the realm of minimal tech-house, maintaining a dreamy atmosphere, just to be counteracted with Kaden`s remix of Below Radar, a blend of tech & tribal house. Jay Haze gets minimal once again, and once again Loco counteracts that with the deep-house of Believe & See. Damian Schwartz & Guti deliver a bomb of a track, Salson (misspelled Salon), with an old school western piano. You Don`t Got Me is the first pure techno track around, followed by a big disappointment, called Hakobi. It is so minimalistic, so not danceable and so without purpose that I see no reason to listen to it. 

Second part follows Black Truffles, with a long deep house track by Audio Soul Project. Dj Ali serves a track filled with percussion and classic house vocals, followed by one of the Robert Dietz`s top works, Klondike (that sadly is not present on either of the 3 vinyl). Terry Lee Brown Jr. goes again underground with a classy tune, same as for the track by 95 North (with a beautiful message, that underground will live forever --- so true :D ). Bubububadub has a tribal name, and it`s very suited for the song, while Orbit 1.3 orbits between techno & electronica, in a very non-spectacular way. Let`s not forget about Perfect Circles, a very good addition to this collection. 

To wrap it up, besides 2 or 3 disappointments, this compilation is maintained by Loco Dice at a very high level of quality. You will definitely hear these songs on the dancefloor. I`ll leave you with YouTube clips:

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