Monday, February 28, 2011

[vinyl] Desolat X-Sampler (Red)


Artist(s): Loco Dice, Martin Buttrich, Premiesku, Guti, tINI, Yaya
Name: Desolat X-Sampler (Red)
Genre: techno, tech-house
Label: Desolat 
Catalog: DESOLAT 010
No. of vinyls: 2
Type: normal


A: Martin Buttrich - L2
B1: tINI - That's Right
B2: Guti - Chiquitolina
C: Loco Dice - Definition
D1: Livio & Roby Pres. Premiesku - Caracas
D2: Yaya - You Know Telespalla?


Having Loco Dice on my mind, and the night I had the chance to meet him, I choose this great compilation, Desolat X-Sampler, to review. For those that don`t know what it is about, let me introduce the concept. To this day there have been 2 Samplers released (one Red and another one Blue, in the chronological order), both in December (consider it as a Christmas gift), featuring artists that released some work on Desolat X (half of the Desolat label). So we got 2 vinyl packed with 6 tracks from people I think need no introduction. Loco and Martin were already strong into the business but the rest had an excellent breakthrough in recent years.

So the cover features all their faces (dunno why George G`s face is missing but he is also part of Premiesku). The colors used are red and black (not mentioning the white writing), predominantly the first, thus being called X-Sampler Red (not an official name, but used to differentiate it from the other one that has the same name). In the center we have the only girl present, tINI, surrounded by Livio, Roby, Guti & Yaya. In the far right and left stand the "strong pillars" Loco & Martin Buttrich.

As the sound goes, this is an excellent compilation, proving the high quality of the artists involved. That`s Right is the debut track for tINI, and listening to it you realize that she got a very nice future ahead of her. Guti drops it`s second release on the label (the fist one being a 2x12`` EP). He has such a great live act, that I had the pleasure of hearing when I spent NYE at Studio Martin. Premiesku is just a new project that Livio, Roby and George have in mind, besides their usual Monochrome. They deliver a great track, as expected. Mr. Buttrich shows us why he is so good in a studio, his song being a bit too 'perfect' (the producer is stronger than the musician). And finally Loco Dice brings a booming track, just perfect for the dancefloor.

Highly recommended... I will review in the future the Blue sampler as well.

Some pics:

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