Tuesday, February 15, 2011

[vinyl] Nic Chagall, Wippenberg, Rank1 - 100


Artist(s): Nic Chagall, Wippenberg, Rank1
Name: 100
Genre: trance
Label: High Contrast Recordings
No. of vinyls: 1
Type: one-sided, golden
Also available on: The Best of High Contrast - The Story So Far


Front: 100 (original mix)[8:50]
Back: -


I`ve chosen this record to be the first reviewed vinyl on my blog for many reasons. First of all it`s a superb release by 3 big names in trance, a track that I first heard on a summer night, by the sea, played by Above & Beyond in their set for Liberty Parade 2010 (Black Sea, Romania). The vinyl represents the first big milestone for High Contrast Recordings, the name 100 (or Hundred as it is stated on the cover) representing that fact. Also the beginning of this blog almost coincides with my trance shows`s 100 edition, so another reason to have this first.

The record has a golden touch, a color used also for the cover. On the front and on one of the two labels we can see a circular symbol made out of different shades of gold, stating the name of the release, the artists and the label. The back cover has no tracklist written on it, only some small rows of credits (also present on the other label).

The track represents the "flagship" (if I can call it that) of the compilation The Best of High Contrast, containing 45 tracks (44 are selected from the previous 99 releases + 100 representing the new track) and it`s the effort of Nic Chagall, Wippenberg and Rank1 (artists that previously released tracks on High Contrast). The song is a blend of progressive and tech-trance, having some nice sounds of violin, accompanied by a defined booming (classic) trance beat.

In conclusion, Hundred is a top quality release by top quality artists at a top quality label. Highly recommended for trance fans. I just might call it a classic.

Below are some pics of how the record looks:
Front cover 

Back cover
Front label
Back label

Whole release

Video link:

Available as vinyl on decks.de, vinyl and digital on juno.co.uk and digital on beatport.com .

If you like this, buy it & support the artists!!! 

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