Wednesday, February 23, 2011

[vinyl] V.A. - 2 Years Cecille Records (2Y Cecille)


Artist(s): Nick Curly, Ethyl & Huxley, Premiesku, Affkt & Felipe Venegas, Negru vs. Boola, Daniel Kampf
Name: 2 Years Cecille Records (2Y Cecille)
Genre: tech-house, house, deep-house
Label: Cecille 
Catalog: CEC2YC3
No. of vinyls: 2
Type: normal


A1: Affkt & Felipe Venegas - Meilan
A2: Nick Curly - Right Or Wrong
B1: Ethyl & Huxley - Byzantine (2YC Ethyl Rmx)
B2: Premiesku - Les Tuileries
C1: Daniel Kampf - Honolulu
C2: Negru vs. Boola - Red Alert
D: Affkt & Felipe Venegas - Azufaifo


 Cecille and Cecille Numbers are one of my favorite labels when it comes to tech-house, releasing work from artists such as Nick Curly, Markus Fix, Sis, Premiesku, Ilario Alicante, Butch... and the list continues. 2010 came with a compilation celebrating 2 years of existence, having 7 tracks and 7 more as a digital download bonus (beats me why they choose to only fill half of the last vinyl side and not stick in another song). Nonetheless this is an excellent work, keeping up with the rhythm and quality of Cecille. I`ve met Nick Curly (who is in charge of the label) at a gig a few months ago and he gave me a superb autograph on the back of the cover (as seen above).

The colors used for the cover are just a few: black, white and gray (fuck, black and white are not even colors). On the front we see a symbol (2Y) and Cecille written over it in a very artistic manner. From far away someone can mistake this by a manual painting. On the back we got the playlist in order and some very few credits bellow. The 2Y symbol will repeat itself on each of the vinyl labels, having written over it the songs belonging to that particular side. I say that a little color would not have been a bad choice but overall is an original release in terms of looks.

Speaking of the sound, I got no complaints. The nice thing is that 3 genres of house are present, Affkt & Felipe Venegas handling the house, Ethyl & Huxley the deep-house and the rest tech-house. The first track was a surprise for me, being a more progressive type of house (not the label`s strong points) but also being a very nice song. Nick Curly tackles this on the next song with his classic type of tech-house, making way for a deep 3rd track and returning to Premiesku`s usual style. Side C was a very good surprise as I did not listen before to those artists, and made me search for their other releases (i`ve seen Negru mix, as he is a fellow Romanian, but I did not expect such a strong production). The compilation is closed by the same artists that opened it, with a track leaning towards tribal/tech house.

As a bottom line, an excellent release. Take a look at some pics and video:


Some videos:

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