Monday, February 21, 2011

[vinyl] Paul van Dyk - Hands on In Between


Artist(s): Paul van Dyk; remixes by Super8 & Tab, Kyau & Albert, Jon O`Bir
Name: Hands on In Between
Genre: trance
Label: Vandit 
Catalog: VANDIT083
No. of vinyls: 1
Type: normal


A1: Talk In Grey (Paul van Dyk Remix)(vocals by Ryan Merchant)
A2: Castaway (Jon O'Bir Remix)(vocals by Lo-Fi Sugar)
B1: New York City (feat. Austin Leeds, Starkillers)(Super8 & Tab Remix)(vocals by Ashley Tomberlin)
B2: Complicated (Kyau & Albert Remix)(vocals by Ashley Tomberlin)


Hands on In Between is the name of the remix album following the fifth album released by trance superstar Paul van Dyk. I was fortunate enough to attend almost all the events featuring him, here in Bucharest, from 2006 until today (once a year). His shows were great, due to his DJing skills and his own productions, making the people in the venue dance till the morning light. The remix album features 15 songs, and 4 of them made it on this vinyl.

All the tracks are vocal trance. The sound is outstanding, proving the high class of both the original producer, the remixer and the vocalist. My only objection is that the first track, Talk in Grey, is a bit short, spawning just under 5 minutes (not so DJ friendly). The rest of the tracks are over 7 minutes long, so no problem there. The A side provides more uplifting songs, and the B side more melancholic ones. This is a release I will listen again and again and again.

Visually, we got a normal vinyl with the title and tracks corresponding to each side written on each of the labels. On the front of the cover we can see some pictures featuring PvD, and on the back the playlist is featured, with the credits corresponding to each song.

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