Wednesday, February 16, 2011

[vinyl] Alex Picone - Motherland EP


Artist(s): Alex Picone
Name: Motherland
Genre: tech-house
Label: Bosconi 
Catalog: bosco005
No. of vinyls: 1
Type: normal


A: Mina
B1: Nana
B2: Tascha


Alex Picone is my kind of artist: great dj sets and excellent productions. And this vinyl is one of them. I do like his basslines very much, because (in my opinion) they are so strong and make you move even when you are in a car and with the speakers at a very high level. Unfortunately I did not receive the original cover so visually I can say that one of the vinyl label has the name & tracklist of the EP, while the other has only the Bosconi logo and the number of the release.

The tracks are clearly meant for a big sound system and the dance floor, as almost all tech-house songs are. All feature some intense basslines, Mina also having some nice guitar, Nana a repeating voice (I still dunno what it says, maybe "race the bum", maybe some gibberish, dunno =)) but still sounds good) and Tascha getting close to the deep side of house because of a very nice trumpet. Overall some nice (uplifting - if I can say so) and positive songs that must be enjoyed at the highest fidelity possible (that`s why I got the vinyl). And before we move on to some pictures and links to the songs (so you can hear for yourself) remember that you can keep in touch with Alex on the major social sites:

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