Tuesday, February 15, 2011

[vinyl] Loco Dice - 7 Dunham Place LP


Artist(s): Loco Dice
Name: 7 Dunham Place
Genre: tech-house, minimal
Label: Desolat 
Catalog: DESOLAT LP 001
No. of vinyls: 4
Type: gatefold


A: Breakfast At Nina's (additional vocals by Mista Moe)
B: How Do I Know ?! (additional vocals by Le Verne)
C: Consequently Eccentric And Delicate
D: Black Truffles In The Snow
E: La Esquina (additional piano by I M Tango)
F: Tight Laces
G: Pimp Jackson Is Talkin' Now!!! (additional vocals by Michael Jackson)
H1: I Got Leaks In The Roof
H2: M Train To Brooklyn 


A couple of years ago I saw Loco Dice playing his debut album in Studio Martin, Bucharest`s best club for electronic music. I don`t really remember much of that night, just that it rocked (and no, I did not drink... that much :)) ). I had no idea then that this LP would be one of the key pieces in my vinyl collection.

When I first heard the album, I had just downloaded a low quality "pirate" copy to check it out. I listened and got bored pretty soon. I asked myself what was so cool that night in the club. Pushed by curiosity, I found a good quality release and listened with my best headphones. The difference was amazing, as the tracks loose alot of their details. This is an album that must be heard on high-tech headphones or on a hi-fi sound system to fully enjoy it. Another funny thing is that each time I listen this LP, I`m in love with it more and more. Some of the tracks are very minimalistic but they have such a great sound. Also the small details make the difference, placing this album at the top of all minimal/tech-house I`ve heard. It is suitable both for dancing in the club and for listening while chilling on the couch at home.

The sleeve is gatefold, including some very nice pictures of Brooklyn. This is the place where Dusseldorf`s Loco Dice relocated for a month or so. This album reflects in music what he saw and experienced there, including some "native" sounds (like the passing train). Inside the sleeve, each track is represented by a few lines of artistic text, like excerpts from a book. This sleeve is truly wonderful, a work of art, making the LP a great masterpiece, both in music and in photography.

7 Dunham Place is released on Desolat, the record label belonging to Loco Dice and Martin Buttrich, releasing great tracks from talents like Premiesku and Guti. Also 2 remix albums are available, each containing 4 remixes from artists like Luciano, Cassy, Dj Sneak, Mike Huckaby, Marcel Dettmann, Onur Ozer & Marco Carola.

It is a bit difficult to find in a shop but if you keep an eye on juno.co.uk or decks.de you will grab it. Chech beatport.com for mp3/wav downloads.

Keep in touch with Loco & Desolat:


Some photos are bellow (if you scroll even more you find videos of all the songs):
Inside (left)
Inside (right)


If you like this, buy it ... support the artists!!!

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