Tuesday, March 1, 2011

[vinyl] Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Holunderbaum


Artist(s): Kollektiv Turmstrasse; remix by Mick Rubin
Name: Holunderbaum
Genre: techno
Label: Musik Gewinnt Freunde
Catalog: MGF 04
No. of vinyls: 1
Type: normal


A1: Holunderbaum (Original Mix)
A2: Holunderbaum (Mick Rubin Remix)
B1: Holunderbaum (Herz Aus Holz Mix)
B2: Holunderbaum (Rumpel Mix)


Kollektiv Turmstrasse is one of my favorites when it comes to techno. That`s because what Nico & Christian produce is, in my opinion, the most "sentimental" type of techno around. Yes, you may argue that techno is very far from having deep spiritual tracks, but you should hear this out. These guys produce such original tracks they were bound to be featured on a top-class compilation. So Sven Vath (no introduction needed) chose Herz aus Holz Mix on his The Sound of the 9th Season mix. And when Sven chooses something, it is damn good.

Now this EP features 4 versions of the song (only one remixed) but they are very different from each other. I doubt it if you played 2 of these the regular listener will think it`s actually the same song, but different versions. Herz Aus Holz Mix is the best in the end and that`s why it was choosen on the Cocoon`s compilation. All of them feature very deep sounds and make you enter a dream-like state. They are fit for listening at home or in the club, so perfect from usual listeners to top djs.

To be honest, from the compilation that I mentioned before (listen to it by the way), this is my favorite song and this is the first time I heard of the Kollektiv. So every time I hear about them, I instantly think about Herz Aus Holz and the 9th Season.

Visually I don`t have the original cover to review but I can say that the tracklist is present on one of the labels, the other being completely black (lack of imagination maybe??). Have a listen:


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