Thursday, March 3, 2011

[vinyl] Above & Beyond - Anjunabeach


Artist(s): Above & Beyond; remix by Jerome Isma-Ae
Name: Anjunabeach
Genre: trance
Label: Anjunabeats
Catalog: ANJ-138
No. of vinyls: 1
Type: normal


A. Anjunabeach (Original Mix)
B. Anjunabeach (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix)


When I see that a track is made by Above & Beyond, I don`t need to hear it to know it`s good. I love those guys, they make the best trance tracks and also manage one of the best trance labels, Anjunabeats. The song reviewed here can also be heard on the Anjunabeats Volume 7 compilation.

I picked up this vinyl without a proper listening session before buying it, and in the end I was not disappointed. The uplifting (or shall I say euphoric) sound of Above & Beyond can also be heard on this track, that can be placed inside the progressive trance/house genre, with its 130 BMP (unlike most Anjunabeats trance situated above 136). This is an incredible pleasurable to hear track, and the remix is very good (maintaining the wonderful euphoric sounds) but still the original mix is better (:D who can beat A&B?). and can be perfect spots for a vinyl search, but if you`re into digital download, this release is split in two: the original song in one release and 2 remixes (an additional one from Nitrous Oxide) and a radio edit.

Visually the cover is a classic Anjunabeats one. Simple, only one color used (a sand-like yellow, very appropriate if we thing to the beach from were those guys got the inspiration for the label`s name), the logo in the center and the name above. On the back we see the tracks and credits, that repeat themselves onto one of the labels.

Have a look and also a listen. Enjoy :)

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