Monday, March 14, 2011

[vinyl] Paul van Dyk Feat. Jessica Sutta - White Lies


Artist(s): Paul van Dyk Feat. Jessica Sutta; remixes by Alex M.O.R.P.H., Dave Spoon
Name: White Lies
Genre: trance
Label: High Contrast
Catalog: HCR041
No. of vinyls: 1
Type: normal


A1: White Lies (Berlin Mix)(Paul van Dyk & Alex M.O.R.P.H. remix)
A2: White Lies (L.A. Mix)(Paul van Dyk remix)
B1: White Lies (Dave Spoon remix)
B2: White Lies (Dave Spoon dub)


Now Paul van Dyk is a god when it comes to electronic music. Even if you don`t like the genre, you can`t deny that when he comes into town, the venue will be sold out and everyone will dance until the sunlight. This EP offers 4 remixes to White Lies, the first single from In Between LP. Jessica Sutta offers the vocals, demonstrating that she has a very nice voice, not just looks. A great song from a great album.

If I was to judge this EP only by the A-side, I would have said it`s perfect. The first track is more euphoric (trance-like) than the second, being made by PvD and M.O.R.P.H., but does not use all the vocals (just the title of the song). The second track is more rougher than the first and not that trance-like, but uses all the vocals sung by Jessica. Both of them can rock a dancefloor in the middle of the night. Sadly the B-side is kind of disappointing, Dave Spoon`s remixes not coming even close to the first two. The keyboards can seriously damage your hearing if you play this at high volume, and are not that pleasant to hear. Topping that is the fact that the vocals are seriously jammed by the noise. If you buy this digitally, you will also get 2 versions of the Aural Float Remix, very chill and dreamy, nice for an evening at home but not for a club.

Visually, the cover is very artistic and looks like a classic vinyl. On the back we got the playlist and the timing, repeated (and with some added credits) on each of the labels. Follow PvD online:

Now some pics and vids:

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