Thursday, March 17, 2011

[vinyl] Jeff Mills - Our Man from Havana


Artist(s): Jeff Mills
Name: Our Man from Havana
Genre: techno
Label: Purpose Maker
Catalog: PM-004
No. of vinyls: 1
Type: normal


A1: The Fly Guy
A2: Calypso High
B1: Cubango
B2: Sugar Is Sweeter


This is a classic record (1997) made by a classic dj. Jeff Mills is a living legend, having legendary skills both at djing (up to 70 tracks mixed in one hour, and on vinyl records) and production, releasing detroit techno tracks at his own labels (Axis and Purpose Maker). He is a classy kind of guy, that`s because he embraces tightly the analog art of mixing and doing music. And to some, this approach (especially when creating music) and his detroit style genre may seem rough, inexpressive and even hurtful for the ears. But to me, his tracks represent a work of a genius, released from the true core of electronic music. More electronic than that you just cannot get.

This record is considered to be one of the best from Purpose Maker label, and consists of 4 tracks, shorter than your average electronic song (about 5 minutes), all of them pure percussive techno. Even the front and back labels are kinda old-school. I really don`t know how even to express those sounds, all I can say is that they are awesome. So maybe it`s best that you hear them carefully and decide if detroit style is for you. I dropped also some facebook/myspace links to follow Jeff:

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