Tuesday, April 5, 2011

[digital] V.A. - Cocoon Compilation J


Artist(s): Basti Grub & Komaton, Dj Koze, Dubfire, Extrawelt, Loco Dice, Mathias Kaden, Moritz Von Oswald, Nick Curly, Pantha Du Prince, Popof, Reboot, Ricardo Villalobos
Name: Cocoon Compilation J
Genre: techno, tech-house, minimal
Label: Cocoon
Catalog: CORLP023
No. of tracks: 12
Type: unmixed


01. Moritz Von Oswald – Cocoon Dark Dub
02. Basti Grub & Komaton – Sick
03. Pantha Du Prince – Bolder
04. Mathias Kaden – Rave Strikes Back
05. Nick Curly – Keep On
06. Dj Koze – Sbooty
07. Loco Dice – La Bicicletta
08. Dubfire – Rejekt
09. Popof - Roxy
10. Extrawelt – Simpleton
11. Ricardo Villalobos – Humusweg
12. Reboot – The Unspoken Word


Cocoon is celebrating it`s 10th release of its annual unmixed compilation (apart from the mixed Sound of the 10th Season) rounding up big names like Dice, Curly, Dubfire, Villalobos, Reboot, Kaden, Pantha Du Prince and many more. This, as the last 9 releases, is available in 3 different ways: a limited 6 vinyl pack (a bit pricey though), a CD and a digital download.

So if you don`t gat that much cash to spend on the vinyl (60 euro the box), forget about the CD and grab a WAV download (more than 5 times cheaper than the vinyl). I say forget about the vinyl because the length of the full tracks is over 105 minutes, so on the CD the tracks are cut to fit in. So the most resonable way is the digital download.

Now this is my first article about a digital release I bought so it should be one that is special to me. I love Cocoon and I think their compilations define the techno/tech-house/minimal genre. And from year to year they just get better, adapting the sound to the club stage and also featuring exclusive tracks from top artists. As I like very much the artists featured, it was clear to me I needed this in my collection (of course in the best quality digital can offer, WAV).

Moritz Von Oswald opens this album, with a track that is highly praised by Sven Vath, that steps beyond the boundaries of time, with a sound of old school electronic music. Also featured are 2 long minimalistic tracks from Pantha Du Prince and Ricardo Villalobos. Tech-house its at it best when Loco Dice, Reboot and Nick Curly are creating, and also we get a brilliant track from one of my favorite artists, Mathias Kaden. The half of Deep Dish, Dubfire, is rocking the dancefloor with a big bass hypno techno.

So an awesome release from excellent artists. Highly recommended!!!

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