Tuesday, April 12, 2011

[vinyl] Livio & Roby vs. George G - Part 1


Artist(s): Livio & Roby, George G
Name: Part 1
Genre: tech-house
Label: Cecille Numbers
Catalog: CEN005A
No. of vinyls: 1
Type: normal


A1: Diverse
A2: Invers De Palma
B1: Kidney Shot (vs Hipo)
B2: Atumen


As I stated many times, there`s no better  tech-house in Romania than that made by Livio, Roby & George G. A big step in their career was the collaboration with Nick Curly`s label, Cecille, where they released no less than 10 tracks on 3 vinyls, entitled Part 1,2 & 3 (who would have though? :)) ). New doors opened after this, and they released more stuff on Desolat and Vakant.
But getting back to business. This is straight top-class dancefloor-rocking tech-house, just perfect for the peak of the night, when everyone is dancing like madmen. I guess Livio, Roby & George really have worked a lot and repaid the shot Curly gave them. It`s better to hear them yourself. But before you do, check the back of the record as well. The artwork is the same for all Cecille Numbers, only the vinyl`s labels differ, having on the top the playlist and on the back the number of the release, written in a stylish form. Stay in touch with the artist and support them by buying their work:


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