Wednesday, December 14, 2011

[digital] Davide Squillace - Muchachos Y Cabrones EP

Artist(s): Davide Squillace; remixes by G Flame, Robert Dietz, Sis
Name: Muchachos Y Cabrones
Genre: tech-house
Label: Hideout
Catalog: Ho011
No. of tracks: 3
Type: normal


01. Crocodile Tears (Robert Dietz Cry Me A River Mix)
02. Crocodile Tears (G Flame Remix)
03. Crocodile Tears (SIS remix)


Some time has passed since the last Hideout, featuring Squillace and Guti (here is the review), and, as its predecessor, the 011th release brings out big names to the front. And now it`s time for some good music...

Cecille`s Robert Dietz is the first one to remix Crocodile Tears, and he created quite a song at the boundary of techno & tech-house. Among distorted vocals you can enjoy a very original percussion, somewhat hollow and not well defined, but definitely showing Dietz`s strong skills in electronica. G Flame takes an even more techno approach to this, delivering a short but solid track, and extremely danceable. Finally, one of my favorite live-show artists, SIS, brings out a more chilling song, but with a dose of Dominik Eulberg kind of techno, with dreamy sounds and kind of a chill-out influence (not counting the steady beat). Find it here:

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