Wednesday, December 7, 2011

[digital] V.A. - Full Body Workout Vol. 8

Artist(s): Dapayk Solo, Elon, Hamid & Arnauld LeTexier, Javier Logares, Kris Wadsworth, Murat, Pele & Shawnecey, Rauwkost, Siopis, Smash TV
Name: Full Body Workout Vol. 8
Genre: tech-house
Label: Get Physical
Catalog: GPMDA048
No. of tracks: 10
Type: unmixed


01. Dapayk Solo – Down The Block
02. Elon – Turkey Bark
03. Hamid & Arnaud LeTexier – The Price Of Beans (feat. Stacey DeLooze)
04. Javier Logares – One Upon A Riff
05. Kris Wadsworth – Assador
06. Murat – Divide & Conquer
07. Pele & Shawnecey – Down Low
08. Rauwkost – Der Schnitt
09. Siopis – The Monkey Hair
10. Smash TV – After All These Years


It`s the end of the year, and Physical Music delights us with another collection to put in our record boxes, for the 8th consecutive year. Let`s see what`s the latest installment like...
You can feel the electronic vibe even from the first song, Down The Block, and Elon brings more rough techno sounds into play, with a mad track called Turkey Bark (as the name suggests it). The Price Of Beans maintains a wicked bass-line, but adds a dreamy context and vocals, moving the genre towards deep-house. Javier Logares provides a tech-house track filled with more "electro" synth sounds, remembering us of the glorious past, filled with Booka and M.A.N.D.Y. (where are you guys???). Assador starts extremely minimalistic, but maintains a lot of percussion throughout the main body of the song, creating somewhat of a deep/tech dark style, but Divide & Conquer lifts the spirits once again, with tribal influences and an excellent bass. Pele & Shawnecey join forces and give us a very bouncy track, filled with cool effects and vocals. Der Schnitt is a nice song filled with minimal-like sounds, but on a solid background, so you will not feel the minimalism in its full strength. Siopis and Smash TV end the LP in style, with top class original tracks, one more tech and another more deep (and hear After All These Years from the middle, omg what keys), proving yet again their artistic qualities. Nonetheless, all the songs you will find here are a solid addition to the label. It`s like German quality, it`s the best you can find out there :)

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