Friday, December 9, 2011

[digital] V.A. - Letters From Venice

Artist(s): Sello, The Banister Soul, Lownza, Robby Olson, Fog, Dj Da, Highland Brothers Inc., 9west
Name: Letters From Venice
Genre: deep-house
Label: Back And Forth
Catalog: BAFDIGI010
No. of tracks: 7
Type: unmixed


01. Sello - Such As More

02. The Banister Soul - T Session

03. Lownza & Robby Olson - Break The Loop

04. Fog - Go Easy On Me Luv

05. Dj Da - Broken Mirror

06. Highland Brothers Inc. - Like You Didn't Know

07. 9west - My Way


Christmas is coming up fast, and if you`re planning to put some good music under the tree, and you`re looking for deep-house, I`ll recommend the new compilation from the label owned by Cosmic Cowboys, Back and Forth.

And you can feel the deep vibe from the first track, Such As More, with a classic construction and appropriate vocals. The Banister Soul provides a more chilling track, with a minimalistic approach and some wicked jazz sounds, and Lownza & Robby Olson keep the same rhythm but deliver a more percussive song. Go Easy On Me Luv is more alert and fitting for the peaktime, combining a melodic background with a strong bass.Broken Mirror provides nice piano lines and an extremely charming vocals. Highland Brothers Inc. calm the atmosphere with a deeper song, that evolves into a brilliant piece of work after the middle. My Way is a good conclusion of the former 6 tracks, bringing a chilling atmosphere and a strong beat to dance too. As a conclusion, a deep and sentimental compilation, and I have a hunch we`ll hear again from these artists in 2012. Out on the 22nd of December. 

BAFDIGI010 Various Artists - Letters From Venice by Back And Forth

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