Thursday, January 12, 2012

[digital] Nick Beringer - Thee I Need EP

Artist(s): Nick Beringer; remix by Washerman
Name: Thee I Need
Genre: deep-house
Label: Back And Forth
Catalog: BAFDIGI012
No. of tracks: 4
Type: unmixed 


01. Thee I Need
02. Thee I Need (Washerman Remix)
03. Never Acting
04. Wrought Up


You might never heard of Nick Beringer, but undoubtedly I will keep an eye (or an ear?!) in the future when it comes to his name. The new Back & Forth, due to be released on 26.01.2011, features 3 of his songs, and a remix by Washerman.

Nick comes from Berlin, so there`s no doubt about the superb quality of electronica you can find in a German club. And when it comes to deep-house, I think you cannot go deeper in the genre to explore it`s classical part, than the first song gets you, namely Thee I Need. I got that special feeling of being in a dark room, with the speakers at full, immersed in kind of a trance from all these nice vibrations we call music. Washerman delivers a more dance-oriented version, using loads of percussion, and keeping parts of the original in the structure. Never Acting returns to Beringer`s own style, as the mysterious keys keep rolling and taking me back to Chicago, in the 80s. Wrought Up ends it all in a very melodic fashion, with a slower but perfect song for 6 AM. As a conclusion, I think a new talent is definitely on the way to become a star in the near future ;)

Nick Beringer - Thee I Need EP (incl. Washerman Remix) // Back & Forth Rec. // PREVIEW by Nick Beringer

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