Sunday, January 15, 2012

[digital] V.A. - Muchas Fatcias LP

Artist(s): Douglas Greed, Monkey Maffia, Kadebostan, Krause Duo, Taron-Trekka, Juno6, No Accident In Paradise, Feindrehstar, Mathy K & The Funky Punch, Mooryc
Name: Muchas Fatcias
Genre: tech-house, house, techno, deep-house, minimal
Label: Freude Am Tanzen
Catalog: ???
No. of tracks: 11
Type: unmixed compilation


01. Kadebostan - Portofino 
02. Douglas Greed - Autumn 
03. Feindrehstar - For ya Loft 
04. Gathaspar - Serwus 
05. Juno6 - PMU 
06. Krause Duo - Down Up Right Left 
07. Monkey Maffia - Red Rude Boys "F.J." 
08. Mathy K & The Funky Punch - Back in the Days 
09. Taron-Trekka - Just 
10. Mooryc - Saint-Saens (Groove Mix) 
11. No Accident in Paradise - Kmos


One of the most exclusivist labels in the world, Freude Am Tanzen, strikes yet again with a compilation aimed for the true lovers of electronic music, people who don`t want to hear the same commercial stuff that everyone can hear in the mainstream. And what it`s even better is that you can download these songs for free on their site :D

You can consider this to be the underground of the underground electronica. The level of originality is as high as it can be, and some people may find these compositions strange, as some don`t follow the usual styles you might expect when listening to deep or tech-house. From the strange sounds of the tech-ish song delivered by Kadebostan, we pass to the sentimental style of Douglas Greed. And I swear I never heard such a song as Feindrehstar`s For ya Loft, danceable and extremely original. Cruising along the LP we will find names like Monkey Maffia, Krause Duo, Taron-Trekka and many others. All deliver songs that are so hard to explain in words, truly a dream of any electronica fan. With influences from all kinds of genres you can (and cannot) think of (old school house, jazz, ambiental, piano, disco, trip-hop), it`s something worth listening to over and over again. And  again, it`s free (full tracks - 320kbps) on their website. What do you want more? 

Muchas FATcias by Freude am Tanzen

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