Saturday, March 3, 2012

[digital] Nick Curly - A Certain Someone EP

Artist(s): Nick Curly
Name: A Certain Someone
Genre: tech-house
Label: Cecille
Catalog:  CEC025
No. of tracks: 2
Type: unmixed


01. A Certain Someone
02. Inside Out


The first release of Cecille for 2012 has a magic number (#25) and is signed by a magician of electronic music, when it comes to dj-ing and producing. Nick Curly is known for his excellent releases at labels like 8Bit, Get Physical, Tronic, Cocoon, SCI+TEC, and many more. 
With A Certain Someone we get our share of original sounds blended together in a blend of tech-house, with strong beats, interesting vocals, and quite a funky structure and vibe. It`s originality was not left unnoticed, as many top-class artists picked the track in their latest charts. And no wonder, it`s weird and extremely danceable. On the other side, Inside Out resembles more with the classic Curly style, combining such a nice bass with tribal percussions. It`s a kind of track that you love more and more as it unfolds. To sum up, a great EP, and the last one for Curly until his first LP. Looking forward for that :D. Meanwhile, treat your ears with this release:

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