Friday, March 30, 2012

[digital] V.A. - Summer Essentials

Artist(s): Adjust, Carloscres, Gusher, Black Motif, Zweistein, Antony PL
Name: Summer Essentials
Genre: deep-house, house

Label: Cosmic Disco
Catalog: CODIS007 

No. of tracks: 5
Type: unmixed


01. Adjust - Sunset Groove
02. Carloscres & Gusher - One Life To Live
03. Black Motif - Peaches
04. Zweistein - Ohm Improvement
05. Antony PL - Black Night


 With the record temperatures here in Europe, everyone is looking forward for summer to come. Long days of doing nothing are even better when there`s good music coming from the speakers. The good thing is that Cosmic Disco Records will release on the 19th of April a 5-tracked EP that will satisfy you.
Sunset Groove is house track filled with jazzy sounds (trumpets and keys), and it creates a perfect intro for the record. That`s because One Life To Live brings the mood into the realm of deep-house, with haunting grooves and a good bass-line. And Black Motif dwells even deeper into subject, delivering a dreamy and very pleasant track. Duo Zweistein pick up the rhythm, combining fancy vocals, deep sounds, and old school house in one hell of a mad track. The last track is called Black Night, at it maintains the overall feel of the EP, but uses a more tech-oriented approach, resulting in a far darker sound. Overall, good addition to my collection.

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