Wednesday, March 14, 2012

[vinyl] Laps - Joyful Process EP

Artist(s): Laps
Name: Joyful Process
Genre: tech-house, techno
Catalog:Cadenza 75
No. of vinyls: 1
Type: normal


A: Joyful Process
B: This Broken Heart


Laps, 1/2 of Digitaline, is not a stranger to Cadenza & Cadenza Lab, and now he`s back with the usual 2-tracked EP. You can check him out as he released just a few weeks ago some good stuff at his label, Raoul (find a review here).

Getting back to this release, we can find the usual high quality expected from the label. Joyful Process is a fast paced tech-house track, and you can imagine seeing Luciano spinning this vinyl on a beach somewhere. Its perfectly crafted grooves will definitely make people dance, and it`s a good track for the peak time. On the other side, we can hear a song called This Broken Heart, which is a very original  combination of tech-house with rough techno sounds, resulting in a darker but very enjoyable track. It`s not done by the book, but that`s the beauty of electronic music. Good artists like Laps can always surprise us with something as original as this. Definitely recommended. Find it here (dunno why it`s not on Beatport??): 

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