Saturday, June 16, 2012

[digital] V.A. - Full Body Workout Vol. 9

Artist(s): Alexi Delano, Alejandro Sab, Audiojack, Black Light Smoke, Blond:ish, Fabio Giannelli, Gel Abril, Noir & Atapy , Onno, Simon Baker, Squire; remixes by DJ T., Martin Buttrich
Name: Full Body Workout Vol. 9
Genre: tech-house, deep-house, house

Label: Get Physical Music
Catalog: GPMDA052
No. of tracks: 10
Type: unmixed (released on CD and vinyl in the future)


01. Black Light Smoke - Lovework (Dj T. remix)
02. Blond:ish - In My Head
03. Alexi Delano, Alejandro Sab - Delusive Pains
04. Audiojack - Overtone!
05. Squire - Organic Life (Martin Buttrich remix)
06. Noir & Atapy - Never Fade Back
07. Gel Abril - Vision Is
08. Simon Baker - Trust
09. Onno - Tribute to the Gigolo
10. Fabio Giannelli - Mercury Star


From the first Body Workout, released at the beginning of 2005, it was clear that this compilation is a must for every fan of true electronica, bringing big names together and creating a feast for the ears. The latest instalment comes half a year after Volume 8, and brings just under 80 minutes of pure joy.

It starts with Dj T.`s remix of Lovework, a low BPM old school house track, showing off yet once again the musical talent of one of the pilars of Physical Music, while In My Head evolves from quite a minimalistic techno track into a very solid deep-house song. Delusive Pains continues the journey in a more tech-house style, but exhibiting also a dark vibe, while Overtone! creates a more lighter atmosphere, derived from classic electronica sounds. Martin Buttrich makes his presence known  with his excellent production skills, bringing the first pure tech-house of this release, so expect lots of percussion and bass. Never Fade Back is a more playful track, well suited for dancing, followed by Vision Is, another pure tech-house song, signed by Gel Abril. Simon Baker`s Trust lowers just a bit the BMP, but keeps a good rhythm all through his solid composition, while Tribute to the Gigolo brings yet again the sound of analog synths. Mercury Star ends it all in an original way, with unforgivable keys and deep vocals. To sum up, Get Physical really outdone themselves with this one, in the wake of their 10th anniversary.  All the tracks are just unforgettable, and that`s what I hope we`ll hear from this label in the next decade.

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