Tuesday, July 19, 2011

[CD] V.A. - Cocoon Compilation K

Artist(s): David August, Nina Kraviz, Dinky, Henrik Schwarz, Matt John, Christian Burkhardt, Einzelkind, Argy, Butch, Sascha Dive, Tom Trago, Minilogue
Name: Cocoon Compilation K
Genre: techno, tech-house
Label: Cocoon Recordings
Catalog: CORCD027
No. of tracks: 12
Type: CD; also available as a limited 6-piece vinyl box


01. David August – True Romance
02. Nina Kraviz – W-Bleu
03. Dinky – Luvin
04. Henrik Schwarz – Now This Way
05. Matt John – The Blue Storm
06. Maetrik – Caught Between
07. Christian Burkhardt & Einzelkind – Icon
08. Argy – The Thrust
09. Butch – Antique
10. Sascha Dive – New Frontiers
11. Tom Trago – Fifth Fase
12. Minilogue – Blessed


Vath`s Cocoon hits the charts with the annual compilation, reaching the letter K, and starting another decade of top-notch techno and tech-house music. Each release is out on a CD or, in extended form, in digital and on an exclusive (and expensive) 6-piece vinyl. So turn your speakers on and listen to the newest of the compilations, with a phenomenal rooster of artists containing names like Nina Kraviz, Dinky, Einzelkind, Butch, Argy, Sascha Dive and Minilogue.

Starting with the chilling True Romance by David August, the compilation passes to Moscow Propaganda Club`s Nina Kraviz, with a twisted track called  W-Bleu. Dinky`s vocal house track Luvin wakes the audience, just before hearing some true techno sounds from Henrik Schwarz and Matt John. Vocal house makes a return with Caught Between, just before the very linear Icon. Passing on, Argy delivers maybe the best track from the compilation, while Butch keeps the crowd energized with a very positive track. Sascha Dive brings some tech-house sounds, while house returns yet again with Fifth Fase. Minilogue end the compilation with an euphoric song that is worth listening over and over again.

Drawing a conclusion, I would have liked to say that this is a flawless compilation but it has some weak points, especially at the beginning, with some tracks that I don`t know what are doing on a Cocoon compilation. The variety of styles of electronica is a plus but also a minus, making me wonder if it`s not in Cocoon`s best interest to return to the roots, with techno and some tech-house in mind. I let you judge for yourself:

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