Wednesday, July 27, 2011

[digital] Simian Mobile Disco - Skin Cracker

Artist(s): Simian Mobile Disco
Name: Skin Cracker
Genre: techno
Label: Delicacies
Catalog: DELI003
No. of tracks: 2
Type: normal


01. Skin Cracker
02. Hákarl (Shark Cheese)


I got the honor of seeing UK duo Simian Mobile Disco performing live last summer, and I was impressed of what a great show they did. So no wonder that I kept a close eye on their releases, including this one, released on their own Delicacies label.
And what a delicacy for the ears this is. Booming percussion, mad vibes and machine sounds. This is pure rough techno, highly danceable, to some soulless, to me just a great piece of work. No wonder why their live show is so energetic, you gotta check this out (maximize the volume, no reason why your neighbors should not hear this :D).

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