Wednesday, July 6, 2011

[digital] Nick Curly - Series 1.2 EP

Artist(s): Nick Curly
Name: Series 1.2
Genre: tech-house
Label: Cecille
Catalog: CEC010
No. of tracks: 3


01. Stuntman
02. Disco Miami
03. Play


Good music has no age. And on this blog I will try to review not only the fresh tracks but also the ones that remained in my heart long after I first heard them. Like the Series EPs from Nick Curly, 3 pieces of vinyl released on 8bit (the first) and on Cecille (the ones to come). You can find my review of the final installment here.

Curly`s sets have many things in common with his productions. Both emanate positive beats, wild baselines and strong percussion, and are a definition of tech-house as a genre. So, if you are a dj, drop one of these tracks and the people will start to dance. This is also the case for these 3 tracks, the fast-paced Stuntman, the groovy Disco Miami or, my favorite, Play, the maddest track from this EP. Check it out, below you can listen to the tracks:

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