Thursday, July 7, 2011

[digital] Oliver Huntemann, Dubfire - Elements Volume 1&2 (Fuego & Terra)

Artist(s): Oliver Huntemann, Dubfire
Name: Elements Volume 1 & 2: Fuego & Terra
Genre: techno
Label: Ideal Audio
Catalog: Ideal 11-6
No. of tracks: 2 (one on each EP)
Type: Single-sided vinyls


01. Fuego (1st EP)
02. Terra (2nd EP)


I hate one sided vinyl, as it spoils one vinyl just for one track. But I make an exception this time, as one of my favortie artists join together once more to create impressive techno tracks. This alliance created Diablo and Dios, and now it comes and recreates the 4 elements. Two of them are already in shops: Fire (Fuego) and Earth (Terra).

Quality techno is the shortest way to describe this, and besides that there`s no remix to fill the B-side, I got no complaints. The beats are strong, and these songs will definitely rock the dance-floor. They actually can be used to define techno as a genre. So put your speakers to maximum and hear them out:

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