Thursday, July 21, 2011

[digital] V.A. - Beast Of Vakant 2004 – 2011

Artist(s): Onur Ozer, Mathias Kaden, Dinky, Dewalta, Livio & Roby, Dario Zenker, Cesare Marchese, Alex Smoke, Nico Purman, Quixote, Robag Wruhme, Tolga Fidan, Anthony Collins; remixes by Dj Koze, Luna City Express, Matthias Tanzmann, Loco Dice, Isole, 2000 and One
Name: Beast Of Vakant 2004 – 2011
Genre: techno, tech-house, minimal
Label: Vakant
Catalog: VADIG02
No. of tracks: 25
Type: unmixed


01. Alex Smoke – I-73 Night
02. Cesare Marchese – Ferni & Fefe Fightin’
03. Dario Zenker – Belfort
04. Dario Zenker – Blue Champa
05. Dewalta – Angels Trumpet
06. Dewalta – Farina
07. Dinky – Da 20′s
08. Livio & Roby – Hatzumoto Song
09. Mathias Kaden – Kawaba (Dj Koze’s Kosi-san Remix)
10. Mathias Kaden – Moron
11. Mathias Kaden – Roots (Luna City Express & Matthias Tanzmann Remix)
12. Nico Purman – Euphrasia
13. Nico Purman – Funk Forest
14. Nico Purman – Rize
15. Onur Ozer – Eclipse (Loco Dice Remix)
16. Onur Ozer – Innervoice (Isole Remix)
17. Onur Ozer – Orion
18. Onur Ozer – Red Cabaret (2000 And One Remix)
19. Onur Ozer – Vakant Limited 1
20. Quixote – Pelters
21. Robag Wruhme – Hodgkin Mopp
22. Tolga Fidan – Alright
23. Tolga Fidan – For Our Fathers
24. Tolga Fidan – Tanbulistan
25. Tolga Fidan & Anthony Collins – La Cadence


For 7 years, Berlin based label Vakant represented a very important marker when it comes to minimal techno and tech-house. And now, to celebrate this, a best-of compilation was born, with 25 tracks to remember the good old times, with superstars like Onur Ozer, Loco Dice and Mathias Kaden present.

 The line-up is terrific, Onur Ozer having 5 tracks, Tolga Fidan 4, Mathias Kaden and Nico Purman 3. Acquaintances of the label are also here, with Livio & Roby, Robag Wruhme, Dinky and many others being present. The quality is outstanding, the tracks being wicked, extremely original, some chilled, some that rock the dancefloor, all danceable and meant to be listened over and over again. And you should expect nothing less from these great artists. Hope that they will keep it up :) And let you taste some of the goodies you can find:   

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